A small company robot that triumphs on Kickstarter


After the success achieved on Kickstarter with its cat-accompanying robot, Enabot, a social robot developer company, has just opened a collective funding campaign for a new version of its EBO robot, which is now geared towards caring and contacting family and friends in the absence of oneself, in addition to monitoring all the stays of the home itself.

EBO features a FullHD camera, two powerful speakers, microphone, and even WiFi connectivity and artificial intelligence capabilities for the development of all its functions, including detection and interaction with different family members, conducting surveillance rounds in all rooms, detecting and reporting suspicious movements, and more, as scheduled.

For family care, home surveillance, and more

This curious robot is developed in such a way that it offers greater durability over time and can move around all kinds of interior surfaces with total ease, even by carpets and carpets, with the possibility of getting up in case of fall, and with an obstacle detection system when in motion to avoid possible accidents.

In addition, it will also automatically get into your charging dock when it detects your battery is already on the limit of running low. Most importantly, it allows two-way communication, making it easier for family members to communicate with that absent member.

Small Robot Company: green agri-tech farmbots | Indiegogo

The absent member, either by trip or otherwise, will have complete control of the robot through the complimentary mobile application, being able to manage all aspects of the robot and know the situation of relatives, pets, and stays from the distance itself.

At this point, as a security guard, you will be able to monitor points of the rooms from impossible angles to capture through the usually closed television systems, being even more effective in this regard.

The point is that his campaign is succeeding far, having already exceeded his funding goal, even having some rewards exhausted, with 32 days left of the campaign. The minimum price that can be paid in the campaign (subsequently will have a higher cost) for one unit of EBO is equivalent to 49 euros (plus shipping costs).

The company will ship the units anywhere in the world over the next September.

Interested parties will have all the information in detail through the website of the campaign itself.

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