A tool to free up space in google accounts by removing Gmail attachments

Liberar espacio cuenta de google

The storage of Google accounts, which shares its share among much of the services associated with it, such as Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos, sooner or later ends up reaching its limit.

Especially accounts that have not subscribed to an increase in space, in the face of this recurring situation can access some solutions that we presented above, which attack the problem. To those, a new alternative is added.

Free up Google Account Space by Deleting Gmail Attachments

Email, if used frequently, can be one of the most space-taking factors in a Google Account. While text messages weigh very little, the attachments exchanged end up accumulating and getting lost over the years.

Attacking that particular situation, Unattach offers a solution through a simple desktop account, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, that allows you to backup from your computer and remove from email those attachments that you no longer need to keep.

Generally and rightly so, the aspect of privacy arouses interest. In the unattached's FAQ, several questions are cleared about this. 

When operating from your computer, the application does not rely on a third-party server to process requests. In addition, it does not require access to the account password, as it is logged in as in any other third-party application that is linked. In addition, the app is verified by Google, as that is one of the requirements to make use of its API.

Unattached is a paid app. However, it can be a practical alternative for those who are not willing to subscribe to an increase in space, as the software is purchased only once.

A second alternative to accessing this application, more complicated for those who do not manage programming skills, is the option to independently build the application. By releasing your code, such as a transparency and security signal, according to your presentation review, Unattach can be compiled independently for personal use.

File delete is optional. Although we present the application for this purpose, it can also be used only for backup purposes.

You can learn more about Unattach on its website.

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