A webcam specially designed to focus on whiteboards

Una webcam especialmente diseƱada para enfocar en pizarras

Logitech has been a company that has long remained discreet in its operations, which have been characterized by focusing on the manufacture of peripherals for personal computers (mice, keyboards, speakers, headphones).

However, it seems that with its latest creation the company has decided to get out of its conventions and surprise the market. This is Scribe, a pizarra webcam with artificial intelligence technology that aims to allow all those involved in a video call to clearly appreciate the information written or drawn on a whiteboard.

For any video conferencing application, Scribe works as a webcam or USB content. However, the Logitech team ensures that Scribe integrates an improvement that will allow you to work better with tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms, although no details have been given to further understand this integration.

webcam Scribe de Logitech

The intention after the creation of Scribe has been to solve a very common problem that occurs when making video calls that involve the use of a whiteboard. During an online class, if the webcam is misplaced or away from the whiteboard, students will have difficulty viewing what is written on it.

That's where Scribe comes to the rescue, as he directly records the board, improving the clarity of everything that is embodied in it, so that it is then broadcast on the video call.

According to its specifications, Scribe can record content written on whiteboards up to a maximum of 180 x 120 centimeters. Their artificial intelligence makes it possible to see through the person to read the contents of the whiteboard in case the whiteboard gets in the way. In addition to capturing the information written on the board, Scribe can recognize the information written in post-its.

Institutions or academies wishing to purchase Logitech Scribe may do so for $1,199.

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