Android 12 widgets are now available so you can have them on your mobile

Although we know that widgets were not part of the most anticipated in the release of Android 12, the truth is that we find shortcuts to the most interesting and intuitive applications.

Fortunately, we already have them available for Android mobiles, regardless of whether you have a device with this operating system or not. Here's the design of these widgets and how you can download them to your smartphone.

How to download Android 12 widgets without having the version on mobile

Widgets en Android 12

To be able to enjoy the 12 widgets with all the tools of the beta version of Android 12 it is enough to download an app specialized in creating startup designs, Lockscreen, or widgets: KWGT.

When you download this app on mobile, simply add one of the available widgets to your device's home screen, tap on it to open KWGT, search through the options in the Android 12 Widgets pack and choose the one you like the most to customize your smartphone.

As you'll see, the process is very simple and you can try which one you like best.

Moreover, it is only to be said that the widget app can be downloaded for free. However, to access the content of Android 12, you must pay the sum of 0.99 euros, which is the price for the Premium version.

Today, KWGT has more than 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.2, so you can draw your conclusions about whether it's worth paying to enjoy the widgets of the latest version of Android. Here are the links:

Widgets Android

KWGT Kustom Widget Makerdownload from Google Play

Android 12 Widgets for KWGTdownload from Android

In addition to the above, if you want to enjoy other widgets with good tools, here we leave you 3 cryptocurrency options for you to report quickly, even, we also have Google Maps widgets available for free.

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