Audi Electric Kick Scooter, analysis and opinion

Electric scooters are getting more and more fashionable every day. The great democratization came with Xiaomi models, but there is much more market and for all kinds of users and pockets. Let's see what this version of Audi is like.

Audi is a German company that has been in the automotive world for over a century. It is a high-end brand and has wanted to delay into the world of electric scooters offering its users an option for what is known as the last mile within the world of transportation.

The Audi Electric Kick Scooter is a rear-wheel-drive electric scooter that has regenerative braking and a range that is above the industry average. It is designed in collaboration with Segway and appears to be a custom edition of the Ninebot G30.

The design of this scooter is blunt, integrates the charger inside and you only have to connect a cable and surprises by the rigidity of the entire structure, although that has a price, the more than 19 kg of weight that marks the scale.

 Audi Electric Kick Scooter
Dimensions Weight116.7 cm x 47.2 cm x 120.4 cm (53.4 cm folded) | 19.1 kg
engine350 W | Rear wheel
Top speedPedestrian Mode: 5 km/h | ECO/D/S mode: 20 km/h
wheels10" diameter | Tubeless | With air
brakeFrom drum to front-wheel | Electronic (regenerative) in the back
battery551 Wh | 15,300mAh
Charging time6 h wired (3A) | 3-4h with 5A fast charger (not included)
Autonomy max.Up to 65 km
ExtrasIPX5 | 2.5W LED front light

Large and heavy scooter, with a retro and elegant aesthetic

If there's one thing Audi's been working on for years, it's the aesthetics of his vehicles and this scooter wasn't going to be any less. It seems that we are looking at a device that in general design we have already seen, very similar in the folding system to the ubiquitous Xiaomi scooter.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

However, we have several notable differences. The first is the drive wheel, where the electric motor is. In most scooters on the market, both the rental services we see in the big cities and in which they can be purchased, that wheel is the front.

Audi's model uses rear propulsion,i.e. the wheel that rotates with the engine is in the back and that makes it have a better grip since that area holds more weight than the front.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

The front wheel is free and you can break it with a drum brake from the handlebar lever. Drum and don't record you'll say? The point is that it is not advisable to lock the front wheel either by bike or on a scooter or you will have affectionate contact with the ground.

One thing that crashes when you see it is that the platform is of considerable thickness and that despite mounting 10-inch wheels the space under it is small. Keep in mind that the battery it mounts is 551Wh, I would say that of the largest on the market today and that, whether we like it or not, takes up space and has a weight.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

This is where this scooter drifts and is that 19.1 kg of weight is much more than direct competition, in the order of 5kg more and when loading it by the pulse to climb some stairs those 5kg are noticed.

In this case, the skate integrates a slow charger inside and you only have to connect a cable to the plug by lifting the side cover. A fast DC charger can be purchased separately, promising charging in 6 hours and connected to the cylindrical plug.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

How big is it? Well, here we are looking at a folded skate that is in line with what we have been seeing in this type of device and once we deploy it we see how its handlebar reaches a height of 120cm from the ground, the correct height for people of medium-high height. A server measures 1.75m and has also been tested by a companion measuring between 5 and 10 cm more.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

The overall color of the scooter is dark and light grey and on it, we have some screenprints that make it clear that it is Audi branded with the four rings characteristic of the German company.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

Finally, we will comment that the skate has a red backlight that lights up when the skate is in operation as well as a 2.5W LED front light that we can turn on to taste from the LCD button on the handlebars and that lights surprisingly well.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

The handlebar is traditional with an OLED display in the middle that tells us the speed at which we are going, the Bluetooth connection to the mobile, the lights, the remaining autonomy with 5 bars.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

The brake lever is on the left and drives the front brake while to brake with the rear wheel we have a left trigger similar to the throttle on the right and it is a big difference compared to other scooters.

This regenerative braking can be adjusted from the mobile app and, honestly, being able to control the intensity from the trigger, I recommend that it be to the maximum.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

The folding system is similar to the one we have seen on most skates on the market, a lever allows you to lift the front axle and hold it in place.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

Once you lower it, that tube can go down, parallel to the platform, and being able to hook it with one piece to the rear fender. This point is a critical thing and is that that hooking area is plastic and with use, it can wear out.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

There's plenty of power, well Audi, but where's that speed?

Here we have to record a point that has caught our attention and is that although the skate has three driving modes (ECO, Standard, and Sport), these modes do not vary the maximum speed at which the engine stops pushing and that stays at 20 km/h.

That is 5 km/h less than the current legal maximum in Spain, or what has been +25% speed of scooters reaching 25 km/h.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

These modes are added an extra one that you will have to activate from the mobile app, pedestrian mode, and that limits the speed to only 5 km/h for when you are accompanied by someone walking.

Okay, if driving modes don't vary the maximum speed, how do they differ? Here we can only record the feeling of acceleration, that is, it takes less time to catch that maximum speed as you switch between them:

Acceleration according to Audi Electric Kick Scooter modes:

  • ECO: 0.63 m/s2
  • Standard: 0.86 m/s2
  • Sport: 1.26 m/s2

As you can see, Eco mode is just half the acceleration and it is something that you notice and a lot when you use it, in fact, I repeat, that having the option of a trigger that you can control as an accelerator, in my case I have used it most of the time in Sport mode and if I do not want so much acceleration, because you press the triggerless.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

This skate has enough power not to come down even with a wide bone type, 95 kg, on steep slopes. Audi says that it allows you to climb 20o tilt slopes and in our experience in Sport mode we have not had any problems in such cases.

The feeling of power is good even in those situations and it is a shame to note how by software it is limited to 20 km/h since this model has all the ballots to be based on the Ninebot KickScooter Max G30 and this one does reach 25 km/h.

Of the most independent scooters on the market

Audi wanted to offer a scooter with a range of approximately 65 km. Although, however, the test conditions to achieve that figure have been a driver of 75kg in weight, 25oC and at an average of 60% of the maximum speed on pavement.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

We are pleased that you can spend 45 km with a person of greater weight and most of the time at maximum speed in Sport mode, with a surplus 16% battery.

This on the one hand is fine, as we have a greater distance to travel with a single load which means a higher time between uploading it home to load it. However, more battery capacity involves, yes or yes, lithium technology batteries, larger size, and more weight.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

That is why this skate has a considerable thickness in the part of the platform and yes, 19.1 kg of weight that make you not want to carry with it more than a short flight of stairs.

In terms of charging, the built-in charger (3A) is not bad because to get from 0 to 100% charging takes 6 hours. We haven't been able to test the charger fast, but seeing figures (5A in DC) we understand it will be between 2 and 3 hours.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

These are figures that may seem high but we record what takes for example the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro with a smaller battery 474 kW, compared to the 551kW of the Audi (+16%), and here we moved between 8 and 9 hours per full charge.

Skateboard with a lot of aplomb and a very complete application

We've been wearing this Audi scooter as well as an urban transportation system as well as some dirt road and we've noticed what a very noble skate is like.

It doesn't make strangers, nor does we have a drift of the front wheel, which with skates with that drive wheel we did notice on gravel terrain when making steep turns and accelerating.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

The feeling of stability is very good and as it hits we can only put that despite mounting 10-inch wheels the distance from the bottom of the platform to the ground is not very large and we will have to look carefully when it comes to lowering curbs.

The acceleration of Sport mode is good and sufficient for any user, although that is, reaching 20 km/h and noticing that the engine stops pushing although you can tell that it has strength for a little more is a little jar of cold water. With scooters of 200 euros, you can reach 25 km/h, the legal maximum.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

In terms of the application, we can only comment that it is the Application of Segway, the same one that controls the Ninebot skates and that apart from connecting with the skate to see the status of the same, battery level, etc, allows us to vary the level of regenerative braking or activate the Pedestrian mode.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

In addition, you can track our route by recording the speed and position (GPS from your mobile) so that you can take a look later.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

It is a fairly complete application that also marks the estimated range of the scooter in kilometers according to our usage patterns.

An electric scooter with premium notes that needs a plus of speed

With the Audi Electric Kick Scooter, several factors are put into play that plays against the price of the same. It is an expensive model for build quality, as is the Ninebot G30L Max.

Audi Electric Kick Scooter

It is a very capable model, we really like the acceleration and the possibility to brake using a trigger and that braking will partly go to the battery again. It is a very efficient system that makes you not need the traditional brake more than for the final stop of the skate.

Being a premium model we would have liked it to run a little more. How less than being able to reach the legal maximum and whether it is the user who chooses whether to go at that speed or slower. It is as if Audi launches a car to the market whose maximum speed is 100 km/h with roads through which you can go at 120 km/h.

Other than that, we're looking at a device we really liked. The design is superb and being able to have a rear-wheel-drive seems to us to be an advantage over most electric skates on the market.

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