Boystown has been dismantled, a massive darknet child pornography portal


The Internet is a complex universe, comprising areas that go far beyond what is superficially known from the network. The darknet houses content of all kinds that, by its illegal or questionable nature, at least do not circulate invisible or easily accessible places.

Within this "dark web", a particular site, dedicated to child pornography and with high traffic of users, was put in the sights of the German Federal Police. Recently, they managed to capture one of the site's managers, who is now disjointed.

"Boystown", the portal in question, has been circulating on the "dark side" of the Internet since 2019, according to the report that German police shared with the press. This site had more than 400,000 members and was "configured for the global exchange of child pornography," the Bundespolizei said.

The platform operated through a forum, which had an entire community interconnected around the pornographic audiovisual content they shared. Even material labeled "serious sexual abuse of young children" was found there and reported through the police report.

This operation, developed with the help of Europol and in collaboration with police and law enforcement forces in the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, and Canada, concluded with the arrest of three men between the age of 40, 49, and 68, following seven raids in Germany.
Considered the main suspects, these men are accused of having administered the platform, providing technical advice and legal counseling to their users, to avoid being discovered.
Another man, 64 years old and resident of Hamburg, is also targeted as a suspect, is credited with being one of the most active participants in this community, registered on the portal since 2019 and author of more than 3,500 forum publications, according to police.
Outside of Europe, in Paraguay, some networks generated suspicion during the investigation. Under the mandate of the German authorities, an international arrest warrant was issued for this person based in the Concepción region, who turned out to be another German citizen, who will be extradited back to Germany as part of this process.

Horst Seehofer, Germany's interior minister, referred to this case through a statement, noting that "this sends a clear message: if you commit crimes against the weakest, you will not be safe anywhere."
"We hold perpetrators accountable and doing everything humanly possible to protect children from such repugnant crimes," he added to his words.

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