Clubhouse already has an official date on Android: this week you'll be able to use the trendy social network


Times have accelerated and Clubhouse has officially announced when it will be available to all Android users.

As in a race against time they have had to work at Clubhouse to speed up times and get to Android before the whole competition completely developed their own versions to offer audio-focused spaces. A few hours ago the official announcement was released through your Twitter account and will soon be within reach.

Clubhouse arrived a few days ago on Google Play, but it didn't mean it was available, but that users could register to wait for it to be launched definitively, just as it will happen around the world over the next few days. This will happen months after being available on iPhone and invitation only.

Since Clubhouse was unveiled there has been a struggle to get the invitations, but also a tense wait until it reached Android. Meanwhile, other social networks and platforms have released their own versions, although it must be recognized that none of them have succeeded and Clubhouse may be able to take the gap that it also craved in this operating system.

The ad has been through the social network's Twitter account. And, he reports, it will happen in the next few days. The clubhouse will be available from tomorrow in Japan, Brazil, and Russia, Friday morning in Nigeria and India, and Friday afternoon in the rest of the world, including our country.

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They are understood to speak of Friday afternoon from the United States, so you will probably be able to use it on Saturday morning. But the important thing is that an official date has finally been given by Clubhouse, so, except for surprises, you will soon try all its secrets and how it works, something that we have already explained to you above.

It is now available on the download platforms and you can register with a single click to be among the first to have it when the official launch arrives. If you want to do this, here are the links for both systems.

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