Clubhouse now available on Android: try the social network everyone is talking about

Clubhouse Android

You can now download the Clubhouse app for Android. The social network that has been talked about the most this year on iOS, reaches the rest of mobiles. Is it that bad?

Even his managers couldn't imagine that Clubhouse was going to have the repercussions it's had. It's a good idea, but not a revolutionary idea. Like a video call without video, or like WhatsApp with voice only. But it's been a lot of people, at least on iOS, so we're curious to see what's going to happen on Android.

Clubhouse, audio-only chat, is now available on Android. You can download it from Google Play, or as an APK file.

Clubhouses can be used to create groups of audio chats with family, friends, or co-workers, but there are also public rooms where famous talks are offered, or simply people to talk to about certain topics.

There's not much else to tell, because the app has nothing else: a voice-based social network. It would be interesting to know if it had had the same impact in a social scenario other than the pandemic, with people in need of talking and being heard, but it is something we will never be able to quantify.

What Is Clubhouse? The Invite-Only Chat App Explained | PCMag

Something has Clubhouse when all social networks want to copy it. Telegram, Spotify, Facebook, and even LinkedIn have already copied it, and other similar versions are in development.

Now you're going to have a greater reach on Android, but it will be gradually. At the moment it can only be accessed by invitation, as is the case in the iOS version.

You can ask someone else who is already in ClubHouse to invite you, or through the app itself to reserve your username, and put yourself on a waiting list for Clubhouse to open the door for you. Like a real club, in the real world...

In this regard, you have to be very careful with fake invitations that contain malware, and that are already circulating on networks. It only accepts invitations from trusted friends, or from the Clubhouse itself.

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