Ford patents technology to show ads in cars

Modern cars have screens that help us control the vehicle and entertain passengers. Those screens might be able to display ads in the future, and in Ford, they have already been responsible for filing the system patent.

Ford is patenting a system that will capture ads that appear on the road and take them directly to the in-car information and entertainment system.

The idea is to use the cameras that come with the vehicles to recognize ads on billboards. The system would even provide links to the products offered on the billboards and numbers to dial to obtain the products.

Of course, billboards would have to have adequate formats, without lack of accessibility, with structured information to make it easy to get these products or how much they cost.

Ford could even work with advertising agencies to make sure the ads are at a proper viewing distance, so we could look from restaurant ads to detergent ads, everything that appears on the streets.

The price of the car may be cheaper if the buyer opts for this system, but there is no defined business model, at the moment it is only a patent that many expect never to come off the paper.

You have the details of the patent in this link.

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