Google Chrome will be safe after copying a Windows 10 feature

Google Chrome soluciĆ³n errores

Google Chrome makes an improvement on its security features after taking an example of a New Windows 10.

Improving the security of computers is not a matter of a single company. Sometimes, when you see a really useful approach, it is taken by others to try to make the most of it. Security news never stops searching, as do phishing attempts, and in Google Chrome they've borrowed one from Windows 10.

One of the new features that were implemented in Windows 10 during 2020 was hardware-applied stack protection. Protection is a barrier in CPU memory management that prevents CPU memory from being accessed by normal code. At the time it was an idea that seemed to work very well on Windows and now comes to Chrome.

Google Chrome version 90 brings this security plus compatibility with Intel's 11th generation and AMD Zen 3 architecture, although it is expected to extend to more computers over time.

Google Chrome's new feature lets you easily share selected text

According to Google's own blog, creating a shadow stack helps improve computer security by making it difficult for exploits to access memory. It is more complicated that from the same browser you take the leap to manipulate the computers and execute codes without the user's permission.

It is hoped that this same protection, which has not been called into question since its launch, will be extended to other browsers and Mozilla also explores the use, according to TechRadar, although the latest news about it is from the end of 2020.

In any case, users will not have to do anything to activate it, but is standard in version 90 of the browser and installs itself with the browser update. Although it will not influence usability or be noticed when using Google Chrome, this program will be somewhat safer than before the novelty is installed.

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