Google Weather app is designed on Android after years

The Google Time app has finally been redesigned to receive some Material Design for those who are currently using the beta version.

That is, if you want to get hold of that new design, although there are a few tweaks in interface elements, you will have to go through the beta from the Google Play Store.

A redesign for Google Time

The most obvious changes in Google Time redesign are found in the search bar which, like Gboard in its new update, takes the rounded corners and image of our avatar that moves to the right of it.

Tiempo de Google

Google Time 9to5Google

The design of the lashes for today, tomorrow, and 10 days have also been improved somewhat. Although the most significant change is the disappearance of the side navigation menu to move it to the button of your avatar from which you can go to the settings.

The truth is that the existence of that side navigation panel that gave rise to two sections was not widely understood. Now the experience is more complete and goes as well as the view in the Google Play Store with your new changes.

There are no further changes to a weather forecasting experience that gets your data from And from what we've been able to prove, for now, the upgrade or its activation comes from the server-side.

That is, even if you upgrade to the beta version of Google you'll probably have to wait a little while to see those new changes to the Material Design to profile that user experience that has received a redesign.

For our part, we recommend that you move on to downloading the apk in apkmirror of Google Time to try your luck. An app that hadn't received a change for a while, so welcome it.

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