Google's first home quantum computer could be a reality much sooner than you imagine

Proyecto Google de inteligencia artificial cuántica

Google is on a multi-year journey to start offering the first home quantum computers, though you may never need them.

If a few decades ago it was unthinkable to have a computer in homes, not only for its price but also for size, now most households have even two or three laptops used for both productivity and entertainment, and maybe your first home quantum computer isn't far in time.

Google has concluded that simply today's classic computers are not able to simulate molecules or perform much more complex calculations, calculations that will help us discover new materials or even to be able to create new drugs.

As part of Google's Annual Developer Conference, Mountain View announced a new quantum artificial intelligence campus in Santa Barbara, California, which aims to build its first bug-corrected quantum computer and this decade.

Campus Google de inteligencia artificial cuántica en Santa Bárbara, California


This new Google campus also includes a quantum data center, a hardware research lab, and a quantum processor manufacturing facility.

Erik Lucero, the lead engineer at Google Quantum AI, has noted that "with the bug-corrected quantum computer, we can simulate how molecules behave and interact so that we can test and invent new chemical processes and new materials before investing in expensive real-life prototypes."

In any case, it is not something close in time, since they will require"a path of several years and a few steps to build 1,000,000 physical qubits that work in concert within a quantum computer with correction of errors the size of a room".

In all these types of devices, they would have a non-existent use within the productivity of an individual, and it would be large corporations that might need a computer of this caliber to make advances for the benefit of Humanity.

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