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The Google team introduced a new AI-driven tool that will allow users to make inquiries about possible skin conditions.

It will only be enough for the user to take some photographs taken with their mobile and answer a questionnaire for the AI to show them a series of results.

This is how Google AI works to detect skin problems

Most users often quickly turn to Google when they detect an anomaly that affects their health. And what was a quick query transforms into hours in front of the screen with a mess of information and thousands of hypotheses about the problem?

Google wants to prevent users from going through that process when they're looking for information about skin conditions. And to do this, they have developed a web-based application, which will allow users to take photographs of the condition so that AI yields a series of results.

The dynamics are very simple, as explained by the Google team:

Once you start the tool, simply use your phone's camera to take three images of skin, hair or nails from different angles. You will then be asked questions about your skin type, how long you have had the problem, and other symptoms that help the tool reduce your chances.

Based on all this information, AI yields several results that could match the user's condition. To do this, it takes into account all the images that have been uploaded on the web, reliable information of professionals as well as thousands of real cases of dermatology.

We develop and adjust our model with unidentified data spanning around 65,000 images and case data from diagnosed skin conditions, millions of curated images of skin problems, and thousands of examples of healthy skin

It does not provide a diagnosis but provides a basis for those who wish to conduct research on these possible matches based on reliable information. Of course, in these cases, the first option should be to consult a medical professional to carry out all the corresponding studies.

This Google tool is not yet available, but they plan to launch it by the end of the year.

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