In the end, came the twitter search for Android

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Twitter has been teaching and hiding the hand with this new feature that comes to Android: search in the direct messages section.

A feature that has been in mind for 2 years Twitter users on iOS so that it finally arrives by these lares on Android.

Twitter search for Android

It seems that sometimes they find it difficult to integrate some solutions that have other platforms available like iOS. In this case, it happens with the direct messages section that for the user who usually uses them daily, it can become quite tedious to search for a specific user.

Barra de búsqueda en Twitter para Android

Twitter search bar for Android

And it is that finally, Twitter on Android adds a search bar in the direct messages section. The only way to search for a user in this section was by pulling a manual search. If you don't have many messages, fine, but for the user who has many, it can become a nightmare.

With this new Twitter search bar for Android, you can easily search for a user's or a group's name to immediately find the chat.


In the meantime, it's our turn to wait to be able to perform more conscious searches, although it seems that the social network of micro messages would already be working on improving the search functions for your application.

Twitter is working at a good level and there are numerous new features received in these weeks such as Twitter Spaces, uploading 4K images from Android, or even giving or receiving tips among some users.

This search bar for direct messages on Twitter should immediately appear on your mobile without having to do anything, although we can always pull the APK in apkmirror in case we want to get ahead and thus enjoy this new skill that we missed from the app on Android.

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