Indi, Sphero's car to teach programming without tablets or mobiles to children

Sphero Indi

We already have here a new educational robot from Sphero, which wants to instill in the smallest the basics of programming.

You're probably going to meet Sphero for his great Star Wars robots. But that time passed, Disney commissions were brutal, and Sphero abandoned the license. He is now dedicated to designing programmable robots that help learn programming, science, math, and other concepts to people of all ages.

His latest creation is Sphero Indi, a funny car equipped with sensors so that the little ones of the house learn programming and logic without the need for a tablet, mobile, or computer.

The Indi car is programmed using colored cards that it reads when it passes over.

As we see Sphero Indi does not have control, nor is it controlled by the mobile, like modern drone cars.

Sphero's cute robot car indi is driven to teach kids about programming -  The Verge

It is its base has a sensor capable of detecting different colors on the ground. Children can "program" it, i.e. tell them what to do, using colored cards included in the kit.

Each card transmits a different order. For example, the pink card causes it to rotate 90 degrees to the left, and the blue card, 90 degrees to the right. The red one stops the car and the green one accelerates it. There are cards to rotate 45 degrees, advance slowly, or celebrate.

Using this color code children learn basic programming concepts, such as chaining orders and solving problems using only a few specific commands, while having fun.

Sphero takes early learners for driving lessons with indi robot car

The idea is to create different types of circuits by avoiding traps and obstacles using cards. There are also puzzles that children have to solve, which is equivalent to creating an application: they have a task and you have to solve it using only the available orders (the program code).

They can also use their mobile or computer to use an app that allows them to carry out more complex programming exercises.

It is an interesting project because all the experts agree that in a few years programming will be a basic subject, and will be used in almost all jobs. So when they learn the concepts first, the better.

Sphero Indi is priced at $149. Although there are 8-car kits designed for schools, with individual briefcases so children can take the car home and use it to do homework.

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