Instagram adds more tools to measure reel performance


Creators and users with trading accounts can now have a number of statistics for Reels and live videos.

Instagram has updated its tools to provide information about the performance of these content formats in the dashboard.

New stats for Reels and Live Videos

If you want to know the reach of your Reels beyond playbacks, or the impact of your live videos, you can keep in mind the new metrics that Instagram is implementing for creators in the dashboard.

So those who are betting on Reels to grow their Instagram community will be able to have tools to analyze their performance, just like the rest of the formats that the platform supports. These new metrics will allow you to accurately measure the scope and interaction that was generated from these content formats.

For example, you'll see the number of accounts reached, views, likes, comments, number of times it was shared, times the content was saved, peak of concurrent viewers in live videos, among other statistics.

And so creators can get a complete view and see how Reels and Live have contributed to the marketing strategy on the platform, they've included these metrics within Account Insights. So now you'll have the stories, publications, IGTV, Reels and Live within the general statistics. And of course, they'll be able to break down each type of content to analyze how effective it has been for their Instagram accounts.

And in the future, the Instagram team promises to add other options to specify the time period you want to analyze, beyond 7 and 30 days. And on the other hand, they will also allow you to view Instagram Insights statistics in the desktop version.

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