Is Netflix preparing a video game platform?

Stranger Things 3 gnomos

An interesting rumor has come up this week. Netflix could become a video game developer, or even create a Google Stadia-style platform.

Nearly two years ago, in 2019, Netflix recognized that"Fortnite is more competition for us than HBO." And he's not right. The popular online game has more users than Netflix and Disney+ together, and those young people who spend the day shooting themselves, are not connected to a streaming TV platform.

Video games are direct competition from Netflix, and it's something the American company is very clear about. Their attempts to attract gamers are countless. From series where you have to make decisions, such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch to the interactive Minecraft series itself: StoryMode, or the abundant video game-based animated movies, such as Castlevania or the recent DOTA: Dragon Blood.

But Netflix could go a step further, and become a video game developer, or a Google Stadia-style gaming platform.

The rumor comes from The Information website, specializing in such revelations. Several informants have reported that Netflix is contacting several veteran developers to expand into the world of video games.
The ultimate goal is unclear: it could be to become a developer and create games from her most famous series, or a Google Stadia-style streaming platform.

Both options make perfect sense. Despite having more than 200 million subscribers Netflix has started 2021 below forecasts, due to the very high investments demanded by the creation of series and movies, and the maintenance of servers. And the competition from Disney+, HBO Max, and the rest are growing. You can only stay in the lead if subscriptions continue to grow at a steady pace.

One option is to form one or more video game studios that would create AAA games from their most iconic series, from Stranger Things to Cobra Kai, Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp, The Umbrella Academy, Shadow and Bone, and so many others.

Those video games would take advantage of the pull of the series to sell, and at the same time help many fans of those games sign up for Netflix.

Even more interesting, since you already have the infrastructure for it, it would be to create a streaming platform like Google Stadia. Technically, it wouldn't be much effort: you could even use the same streaming network as series and movies. And you could play with engaging subscriptions for young people, including series and video games in one pack.

At the moment it's just a rumor, but it's one of the most coherent we've heard in a long time...

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