Jeff Bezos stop being CEO of Amazon on July 5

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is willing to take a radical turn in his life. Amazon moves to the background to drive its other companies and foundations.

Amazon's founder will soon cease to be in charge of the company he founded nearly 30 years ago. In fact, the chosen date is no coincidence. Jeff Bezos will no longer be CEO of Amazon on July 5, exactly the day that marks the 27th birthday since the founding of a small online bookstore that ended up becoming the largest online commerce in the world.

The decision was announced last February, and although he said he would leave"in summer," he will do so a few days after the season began.

His position will be held by Andy Jassy, current head of Amazon Web Services, the company's online services.

Jassy is Bezos' trusted man. He's been in the company for more than two decades and has been in charge of designing Amazon's cloud services from scratch. Today they are among the most important in the world, generating $13.5 billion in revenue each quarter.

Amazon's founder is no longer CEO, but that doesn't mean he's retired. He will dedicate himself to his space company Blue Origin, which aims to take tourists into space and put Amazon's satellites into orbit. It will also boost its foundation that fights climate change, Bezos Earth Fund.

At 57, it seems the ideal time for Jeff Bezos to enjoy his other passion: space. It leaves Amazon with record profits and customers, but also with controversies, such as the treatment that its workers receive.

Today the company has also made headlines because it has bought the legendary Metro Goldwyn Mayer film studio for 8.45 billion euros.

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