Latest days of free unlimited storage on Google Photos: how it affects you and what to do

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You have less than a month to make a decision. What are you going to do with all the photos you have saved in Google Photos?

On June 1, 2021, Google's 2020 promise will be fulfilled, nullify its unlimited free storage on Google accounts. From that day on, if we don't want to pay, users will need to settle for 15 GB of free storage for all their emails, photos, and documents.

cloud storage space is steadily, and companies that offer these services create payment plans while limiting their free accounts. Google announced months ago that we would no longer have unlimited space to save our digital photos. You will have to juggle those 15 GB or look for other free and paid options.

Photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos, emails, and documents saved in Gmail and Google Drive will take up some of those 15 GB offered to us for free when you have a Google Account. We'll need to delete useless emails so they don't accumulate, clean up documents and photos to keep us below that limit. But what exactly will happen on June 1st?

Google Photos will end free unlimited storage from June 2021 - The Hindu

Google says 80% of users will reach that 15GB limit they've imposed in the coming years, so it's not a margin figure. You should back up or export the photos and videos you have, as well as important documents and emails. Also, make sure that for that day you do not exceed the limit to avoid problems.

Once photos and documents are protected on your computer, hard drive, or any other platform, you can consider the next step: continue using Google for free, pay, or search for another platform. Here are several alternatives to Google Photos, such as Dropbox, Microsoft, or Amazon service.

If you choose to pay for a larger space on Google One, the price of 100GB is 1.99 euros per month, a space that the whole family can use. You can reach up to 2 TB of storage with 9.99 euros per month and other advantages.

If you decide to continue with the free version you should know that you will have to organize and clean the account periodically in order not to reach the limit. Google has a useful tool to help you estimate how long it will take to consume all storage based on your current usage patterns.

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