Little M3 Pro 5G, Analysis: The Mobile That Gives a Lesson to the Competition

We analyzed the POCO M3 Pro 5G, now available in Spain, to find that, apart from those 5G speeds, its MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip and that screen with 90Hz refresh rate, has a photograph that serves to teach a lesson to other manufacturers.

We say this by the fact that within its limitations, the POCO M3 Pro 5G can capture beautiful photographs. Limitations related to the non-existence of wide-angle, although it does have a macro lens and depth sensor.

POCO M3 Pro 5G features

Poco M3 Pro 5G

  • Chip: MediaTek Density 700.
  • Processor: Octa-core up to 2.2GHz.
  • GPU: ARM Mali-G57 MC2.
  • Memoria RAM: 4/6 GB LPDDR4x.
  • Internal storage: 64/128 GB USF 2.2.
  • Micro SD: No.


  • Size: 6.5 inches.
  • Resolution: FHD+ 2,400 x 1080.
  • Technology: DOTDisplay 400 nits LCD.
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Refresh rate: 90Hz.

Rear camera

  • Main: 48 Mpx f/1.79.
  • Macro : 2 Mpx f/2.4.
  • Depth sensor: 2 Mpx f/2.4.
  • Video recording: 1080p and 720p at 30fps.

Front camera

  • Resolution: 8 Mpx f/2.5 angular.


  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/ 5GHz.
  • 5G.
  • Bluetooth 5.1.
  • 4G LTE.
  • Nfc.
  • Infrared sensor.
  • FM radio.


  • Side print sensor.


  • Battery: 5,000 mAh.
  • Fast charging: 18W.
  • Includes 22.5W charger.


  • USB-C port.
  • 3.5mm audio jack input.

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: 161.81 x 75.34 x 8.92 mm.
  • Weight: 190 grams.

operating system

  • Android version: 11.
  • Manufacturer layer: MIUI 12.

First sensations

Of course, when you are going to buy the new POCO mobile, at a lower price than the WONDER mobile POCO F3 that spent 3 days ago for our analysis, will do so for its very good performance at a price more than adjusted.

Poco M3 Pro 5G

Features that allow you to enjoy large-caliber games such as Genshin Impact, a generous experience in general terms with the phone and an optimization carried out in MIUI so that at rest the autonomy works quite well.

The display, even if it is LCD technology, has a particularity and is its refresh rate of 90Hz. Allowing gaming and user experience to win the whole.

Trasera del Poco M3 Pro 5G

If we look at the fact that Google will improve the visual presence and animations on Android 12, owning a mobile with that refresh rate is going to be essential to enjoy that new experience that awaits us.

The MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip is responsible for giving us those benefits so that in addition to the 5,000 mAh of the battery it takes us to very good sensations.

The design

Diseño del POCO M3 Pro 5G

We have a mobile that won't go unnoticed at the back with POCO's big logo. With good finishes, its three-lens module and that vertical black stripe gives it a good presence

A front with barely visible bezels, although the lower one is visible, but also not by much, is characterized by the on-screen hole located at the top center just as we have seen in the high-end Samsung itself.

The 90Hz display

The POCO M3 Pro 5G display is mainly used for its 90Hz refresh rate. We openly recommend using that rate from the Settings> Screen, so that browsing Chrome, looking at the Instagram wall or when using one that other app, the experience is more fluid.

POCO M3 Pro 5G

And well you can tell, especially in games, when you look back and go back to older screens. The panel is LCD with 400 nits of brightness for a slightly reduced viewing angle.

Tasa de refresco

Yes, it has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to help keep the screen alive after some fall than another. One detail to keep in mind.


We'll go into more detail about this mobile's performance in the games section, but from here we anticipate that it perfectly covers all current needs for even heavy applications.

MIUI 12 en el POCO M3 Pro 5G

In fact, this time we included MIUI 12 in this section to stay excited about the performance it offers. Being pulling Genshin Impact and that we can start the gaming tool to see fps or change modes, demonstrates the power of this custom layer.


The same side print sensor works super fast and has not given us any headaches in this regard. It will also depend a little on the variant that we are going to acquire since there is some difference between the 4 or 6 GB of RAM of one or the other.

As a detailed comment that offers dual 5G, allowing us to access these speeds without having to change the SIM cards.

Photograph of POCO M3 Pro 5G

Cámaras del POCO M3 Pro 5G

Let's be honest, at first, the subject of photography was not very hopeful in the POCO M3 Pro 5G, but after fretting and taking numerous photos, the strategy of the guys behind POCO has been the right one for their main camera of 48 Mpx and aperture f/1.79.

POCO M3 Pro 5G

If we have observed in detail the camera module configuration of this new POCO mobile, we will not see on the one hand an angular camera to focus rather on the depth sensor and the macro, but always secondly.

Where's the interesting thing about the M3 Pro 5G is its main camera and its 2 Mpx depth sensor. Between the two sensors can beat other settings of other mobiles where the ultra-wide lens or/ and macro stand out. I mean, you're not really going to need anything else with the quality you treasure in case the main one.

In fact, most of the photos we share in the photo gallery witness the above. It indeed has its limits and we have not tested it in night photography either, since in advance we are looking at a mobile that does not exceed 199.99 euros in its main variant.

Its limits have them, but for the day-to-day, for photos in good light or even selfies, it goes to spare with photographs that will leave family and friends stunned. In addition to his other talents, he generates very good sensations

.POCO M3 Pro 5G

Balanced photos in saturation, dynamic range,, and contrast so that we even forget to use social media filters like Instagram or more advanced apps like Photoshop Camera. And a recommendation, HRD is disabled by default.

Another detail to take very note of is how well the photograph comes out with this POCO mobile when in the scene we have the sun in front or from some point of light that is let through the leaves of a tree. There are several examples that we show in the photo gallery that make this point very clear.

POCO M3 Pro 5G

That is, the work you do with light on numerous captures can expose camera sensors from other mobiles.

It even provides a lens for macro photographs, although we miss that in the camera interface we don't have a button to switch to that zoom. The only way is to pull the pinch gesture to take a 2x photo.

Finally, selfies also behave pretty well with their 8 Mpx and it's sure to be a camera that new generations will like.

The autonomy of the POCO M3 Pro 5G

As with POCO F3, autonomy is quite over and MIUI 12 does a good job when we have the mobile at rest.

Testing the pressure exerted by a game like Genshin Impact on the POCO M3 Pro 5G, in 2 hours and 23 minutes, counting on the time it took to download the 6 GB of installation plus the time played, it took 187.35 mAh.

Consumo de la batería por parte de Genshin Impact

League of Legends: Wild Rift from Riot Games in 20 minutes consumed 45.78 mAh, so the work done by the MediaTek chip by MIUI 12 is not bad. However, it must be counted on that Genshin Impact was able to heat the mobile very much, which implies that playing a long time increases consumption.

It has 18W fast charging which allows us to reduce charging times. More than enough to make it 13 to 30% or 30 to 46% battery in 15 minutes.

Performance in games

Again to our surprise,,,, we have been able to take quite advantage of the chip that mounts the POCO M3 Pro 5G and get to play Genshin Impact, with a low level of graphics, without slowing down. Something quite surprising because it is a resource-intensive game.

Genshin Impact

On other mobiles,,,,, at this price,,,,, we have not been able to move it enough to try to play a game, but in this case,,,,, we have. And yes, get ready for a mobile overheating the moment we spend the 15 minutes playing since it uses all the resources it has

PUBG Mobile on the POCO M3 Pro 5G Manuel Ramirez

If you're on a good note, the rest of the games cover them perfectly for pub Mobile's HD texture pack or with League of Legends or immovable. Always with a reduced graphic quality as it could not be otherwise.

Diablo Inmortal en el POCO M3 Pro 5G

Diablo Immortal we have been able to play as medium graphics that is not bad enough for a game that will demand everything from our mobile at the time it is published on the Google Play Store.

Ajustes gráficos en Diablo Inmortal

That game performance is also remarkable thanks to the 90Hz display that allows us to have a great fluidity in a multitude of games already compatible with that refresh rate.

Final opinion

Apart from its 5G, its 90Hz display,, or its great gaming performance thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip, the POCO M3 Pro 5G has left us a great final message: better a higher quality main camera than configurations where the wide-angle takes part of the percentage of production cost.POCO M3 Pro 5G

In fact, it is capable in case of occupying a space abandoned by other brands that have wanted to imitate the high-end with its numerous lenses. In the low range with a good main camera and one that makes selfies results, we go more than leftover.

However, unless we need the wide-angle because we like to take these kinds of photos, but for the rest, there is nothing better than taking your 180 euro mobile and taking high-quality photos that others would already like.

POCO M3 Pro 5G

Coupled with the 5G speeds and great performance we've found in gaming, the POCO M3 Pro 5G is a great low-end mobile. And it is noticeable that the manufacturer knows that this type of mobile at these prices is being in high demand to play the League of Legends: Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile,, and many others.

POCO M3 Pro 5G

We return to your main camera so that with a mobile tripod you will be able to record good videos for TikTok, although always limited to 30 FPS in 1080p or 720p.

In short, a mobile that has surprised us a lot to teach a good lesson to the rest of competitors: a quality main camera is essential, then the rest.

Price and availability

POCO M3 Pro 5G

The POCO M3 Pro 5G can be purchased in Spain from May 20 with a great launch offer so that the model of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage is 159.99 euros, while the largest, of 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal, reaches the figure of 179.99 euros.

After May 26 the price of the first model remains at 179.99 euros and the second the 199.99 euros to choose between three colors: POCO Yellow, Asphalt Black,, and Ice Blue.

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