Microsoft releases an update for Windows 10 that fixes a memory leak bug and bugs in the Your Phone app

Actualización Windows 10

Finally, Microsoft solves the RAM problem and also a bug with the Your Phone app on Windows 10.

Microsoft has started testing in its insider versions a new cumulative update for Windows 10 that addresses several problems related to RAM leakage in the operating system that affected the performance of our computer, and also includes a solution to a problem of the Your Phone application.

Regarding the memory leak problem, Windows 10 users discovered an error in the common process.exe where the RAM block occupied by an application was not released when it was closed. As you well know, having an application running occupies a temporary RAM block, but with this error it was not released after use, slowing down the computer and affecting its performance.

It is already rated in build 19043.1023 which right now is to be tested on preview channels for imminent arrival in the stable version of Windows 10.

It has recently been updated with "phone app" support when it comes to your Phone app issues. This feature allows us to be a safe way to run Android applications on your computer by making them behave as if they were Windows 10 applications.

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When Android apps are streamed to Windows 10 they have their own window, integration into the notification center, and we can pin them in the taskbar. But the problem is that it was no longer possible to launch pinned applications in the taskbar after one of the latest operating system updates.

So with this cumulative update, this bug is also fixed, so you can now reopen those applications that we had pinned to the taskbar.

As you can see, they are bugs that justify the arrival of this cumulative update that might be available on the stable channel over the next few days.

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