Nasa suspends $2.9 billion contract with SpaceX

Elon Musk y Jeff Bezos

NASA has told SpaceX to cease all work on its lunar landing contract, a request made after two other private aerospace companies protested the deal.

These are Blue Origin and Dynetics, WHO protested NASA's decision to close a $2.9 billion contract to build the landing system with SpaceX.

It is now the Government Accountability Office that has to analyze the protests to see whether or not the contract can be revoked. Suspension may be only temporary, but first, all pending litigation related to this acquisition needs to be analyzed.

Protests by Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon), and Dynetics were filed last Monday, indicating that awarding the contract only to SpaceX jeopardizes Artemis's 2024 goal of returning to the moon.

NASA suspends $2.9 billion SpaceX lunar lander project amid protests


In a statement obtained by The Verge you can read:

NASA has executed a faulty acquisition for the Human Landing System (HLS) program and moved the goal poles at the last minute.

The available agency chose SpaceX because of its Starship reusable rocket system, which has a large payload capacity and a relatively lower offering.

Musk criticized Jeff Bezos on Twitter when he heard about this action, but it's not something new, both CEOs aren't very close to us.

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