Now you can open your Word and PowerPoint documents directly in the Edge browser

One of the essential programs, if we use our laptop for productivity, is Microsoft Office, with all those Word, PowerPoint, or Excel applications that we use both in our daily life for both studios and work, and that now have integration in the Edge browser for Windows 10 and Mac.

For a few hours, Microsoft Edge version 92 began to be implemented for insiders in the development channel coming with various functions such as integrating Office Viewer and Windows Search into the browser, and we explain how each of them works.

It is very interesting to implement this "Office viewer" since it would allow us to open all our Office documents like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint directly in the Edge browser. At the moment this feature is in the initial stage and is compatible with the Edge version for Windows 10 and Mac, confirms Windows latest.

Office Viewer en Edge

Windows latest

If you're insider in Edge, you can enable the Office Viewer feature by opening settings, going to the download options, and enabling the "Quickly view Office files on the web with Office Viewer" option.

Office Viewer en Edge


Once enabled, you'll be able to view Office files within Edge instead of having to download them. This would remove from the equation the step of having to download the files and then open them in their respective applications.

Office Viewer en Edge

Windows latest

Another feature is the integration of Edge into Windows search, although it is not currently working in the trial version.

When deployed and enabled, Windows Search will get Edge information. This way, when we do a search within Windows search we will also see our browsing history, recent tabs, and Edge bookmarks if the term to be searched matches.

At the moment this feature cannot be tested, but once enabled you simply have to open the Edge browser, go to settings and activate it within profiles. If you think this addition can affect your privacy, don't worry, because you can turn it off at any time.

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