Officially, Apple's WWDC 21 will be held on June 7

Imagen Ya es oficial, el 7 de junio se celebrá el WWDC 21 de Apple

Apple has set the date for this year's WWDC, which will be celebrated in the first week of June, and we'll learn about the software news the apple company has prepared.

Companies do not rest and every month we have different presentations, events, and launches. A few weeks ago we met at an event about the devices that Apple had been preparing throughout the year, we talked about iPad Pro 2021, iMac, and airbags. And now, the apple company has quoted us for its World Developer Conference on June 7.

This event, as the name suggests, is usually intended for developers it is like Google I/O on Android. However, what is presented is vitally important to Apple's ecosystem. This year the date covers four days, starts on the 7th and ends on the 11th. The format will be one hundred percent online and can be viewed globally.

WWDC 21 could be the biggest Mac event in years

What is expected in this year's Apple WWDC21 are the new versions of its operating systems: iOS 15, iPad 15, WatchOS 8, macOS 12,, and TVOS 15. The presentation of new equipment such as computers or phones is usually left in the background, as that appointment is reserved for the early fourth quarter.

However, the great news is expected on iPadOS. The arrival of the M1 processor on Apple's most powerful tablet makes its possibilities expand, what users expect is a system much more similar to that found on computers like MacBook laptops. Such a system would make it possible to take full advantage of the power of that processor.

At the moment all we can do is wait until June 7 to learn about all the software news that Apple has prepared. Stay tuned, as smart features and functionality that greatly improve your products will most certainly come in. We will inform you of all news related to WWDC 21.

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