Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro filtering, new Google design, and hardware

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Google's new mobiles, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro filter out showing a somewhat different design than the company has used to.

Not long ago we talked about Google Pixel 6s because of the possibility of integrating its own processor giving up Qualcomm's. A few weeks later we come across this prototype not yet presented again, this time to talk about its possible groundbreaking design with everything we've seen so far from Google.

We owe the images to Jon Prosser, and Max Weinbach, who on his channel has shown the renders of these two models. The design is amazing because of how different it is from the brand's previous mobiles and for integrating more than one rear camera.

Google has so far been differentiated by its simplicity and staying away from some industry fashions. On their mobiles, he had rejected the idea of implanting multiple cameras without getting a minor result, so the bet went well for them. This changed with the Pixel 5 which included two cameras, maybe the 6 will continue to increase the number.

Google Pixel 6 y 6 Pro

Jon Prosser on YouTube

Still, the way they are presented is somewhat curious. The platform in an intense black color slightly hides the lenses but over exits the back shell creating a bridge that travels horizontally through the entire phone. It is not known what types of cameras they will be.

 Another detail to highlight is its colors, orange hues with a much more intense stripe above the cameras. That is one version, another is presented with cream tones in conjunction with the logo that looks in the center of the case.

Ahead, the camera tries to occupy almost the entire front end up on very thin, curved black edges. At the top is perforated to place the front camera and on the bottom the fingerprint reader.

Google pixel 6 y 6 Pro

Jon Prosser on YouTube

Prosser and Weinbach emphasize in their filtration Google's idea of integrating its own processor and ending its usual collaboration with Qualcomm. Apparently, these new models will feature the SoC GS101. The GS refers to Google Silicon and has hidden this chip under the code name Whitechapel, in which Samsung has collaborated to develop it.

However, this information must be treated with caution, it is still a leak that has yet to be confirmed and without much more information describing the model and all its specifications. the company's usual release date is September so we still have to wait a long way to get to know these models in depth.

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