Rambo and John McClane: the two stars of Call of Duty Mobile for May 20

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is doing frankly well and by May 20 you already have prepared a very special event: two stars of the 80s action movie screen.

The event will be available on Android and iOS and will take place in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, so everything is drawn to be a very special day for fans of this online multiplayer game that was part of this list of the best current ones.

Rambo and John McClane at Call of Duty Mobile

An event that puts this online shooter back in the shootout, especially when we've known Battlefield Mobile hasn't been in development for long, with the event called '80s Action Heroes'.



An event that coincides with the recent arrival of the 1984 Verdansk map in Call of Duty Mobile that will take us to know in our own flesh the fury and skill of both Rambo and John McClane.

It was unveiled on Call of Duty's own official account on a Tweet on Twitter where you can read: "Some heroes Die Hard. another draw First Blood. The action begins May 20th". Clear references to two action genre legend films in Hollywood.

This event has already been anticipated by making references to the number of enemies eliminated by Rambo himself as if it were his K/D ratio from eliminated to death in a Call of Duty game.

As with mentions of Nakamoto Tower, the iconic location of the action film The Crystal Jungle starring actor Bruce Willis. No more details are known about the event in question, but we will surely be able to enjoy the cuteness with Rambo and John McClane in Call of Duty Mobile.

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