Realme Buds Q2, analysis and opinion

realme Buds Q2, análisis y opinión

Realme updates its fully wireless Bluetooth headphones with a more compact version and more autonomy. This is the analysis of the Buds Q2 realme and we give you our opinion.

The fully wireless Bluetooth or TWS headphones are one of the biggest trends of the last two years for the convenience and freedom of movement they provide.

Part of their success comes from the excellent user experience they provide when combined with a smartphone or portable audio device, allowing you to exercise, walk or return home on public transport listening to your favorite music and podcast without having to rely on cables or tangles.

Realme opts for Bluetooth headphones that offer a good balance between sound quality and a price within reach of all pockets. We analyze buds Q2 realme and give you our opinion of a Bluetooth headset that are available for an output price of 29.99 euros.

realme Buds Q2
guyIn-ear True Wireless with silicone tips
Headphone dimensions | case19.79 x 21.41 x 22.46 mm | 60.35 x 44.61 x 32.54 mm
Atrial weight | case4.1 g | 39 g (case + headphones)
Drivers10 mm diameter
sensorsTouch control
Water resistanceIPX4
ConnectionsBluetooth 5.0 | MicroUSB
autonomyUp to 5 hours per full charge | 3 additional full loads of the case
Accessories includedCharging case | 15 cm microUSB cable

Comfort and portability is what really matters

What would you ask of a Bluetooth wireless headset? Obviously they look their best, but when it comes to design, you'd probably like them to be as comfortable as possible and have their case take up very little space in your pocket.

Taking these guidelines, it has really prioritized practicality over any purely aesthetic addition. The result is button-type headphones that adapt very well to the inside of the auditory ward and light enough that they are not uncomfortable after several hours of continuous use.

It's not the first time realme has designed such headphones, so the brand has used everything it learned in the previous version to manufacture Buds Q2 that have a highly achieved internal ergonomics.

It has soft and curved lines on its inner face that make each of the headphones perfectly adapt to the auditory ward without creating pressures or friction thanks to its low weight with 4.1 grams each earpiece.

I must admit that I am of such users that it does not support any type of in-ear headset for more than an hour. However, I have easily endured sessions of up to three and four hours without removing these Realme Buds Q2 and I have not noticed any inconvenience or had the feeling that they were moving.

In this is key the correct choice of silicone pads of different sizes that are included and that combine with the color of the headphones, which in this case have a pastel blue finish to match the color of the headphonesand the case, which seems to be very fashionable in 2021 (we have seen several mobiles in 2021 with thisfinish), but it is also available in black for the more traditional ones.

realme Buds Q2, análisis y opinión

The headphones have IPX4 water resistance,so it seamlessly supports water splashes and sweat, making them suitable for use in workouts, although if you are going to give it that use, finding the right pad size will be advisable to be essential to keep them in place.

On the inner side we find the two charging pins with which they connect to the case, as well as an internal microphone and two external ones that allows to apply a certain cancellation of ambient noise only for calls. Active noise cancellation for audio is not available on this model,but it is a reasonable sacrifice considering that it is a Bluetooth headset of less than 30 euros.

The most prominent element in the design of the Buds Q2 realme is the touch surface from which the operation of the headphones is controlled which has a kaleidoscopic effect that provides the touch of brightness and that stands out in a very compact headphones in which the matte finish predominates.

The Buds Q2 realme are accompanied by a case that not only serves to store the headphones but is one of the key components for these realme headphones because it provides just over 15 hours of extra use autonomy in a very compact size and weighing only 39 grams.

The case looks the same color as the headphones and is fully oval. At the back it has a micro USB connector and includes an eye-catching cable – striking for its yellow color and its short length of 15 cm – from USB A to micro USB.

realme Buds Q2, análisis y opinión

Choosing this connector is difficult to justify in 2021 as all your smartphones come with a USB Type-C connector.

On the front we find a small LED that only lights up when the case is charging,but there is no reference either to the charging status of the case or headphones when they are inside.

The magnetic cover of the case opens as if it were a shell exposing the two gaps for each headset with their respective charging connectors but, once again, without any LEDs indicative of their status or if they are properly inserted and charging.

realme Buds Q2, análisis y opinión

The headset is fixed to its charging position by a magnetic system that keeps them in position.

Open and connect: Buds Q2 is easy to use, but lacks controls

The ease of connection is another point that we liked about the Buds Q2 realme. Simply open your case to make them available to connect from any mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with Both Android, iOS, macOS or Windows systems.

To use the realme Buds Q2 you only need to link them with a certain device via Bluetooth just as you would any other device from the respective Bluetooth connection and search screens.

realme Buds Q2, análisis y opinión

Realme Buds Q2 emit a characteristic sound when in Connection mode and emit a sound warning when connected to a device and ready to play audio.

However, to squeeze them to the fullest, you'll need to install the realme Link app available for Android and iOS devices on their respective accounts, but not for Windows. From this application you can adjust the type of sound, something that we will see in more detail in the next section, as well as customize the touch gestures – or rather "touches" – that the Buds Q2 recognize.

Realme Buds Q2 are factory configured with a number of functions assigned to different touches:

  • Two taps (for both headphones): Play and pause audio and answer answer answer a call.
  • Three taps (for both headphones): Play next song.
  • Long press (simultaneous on both headphones): Turn Game mode on and off.
  • Long press on one of the headphones: reject call

All these functions can be customized from the app, but we miss functions such as volume up or down or that it is possible to switch between the different audio profiles offered by these headphones.

We think it might have been a good idea to turn on one-touch recognition for features like volume or pause. This makes it easier to access the most basic control functions as efficiently as possible, and not having to pick up your phone to turn the volume up or down as it currently does.

realme Buds Q2

Beyond selecting audio profiles or customizing touch touches, the app doesn't contribute much. For example, it would be nice to have a case charging indicator,something it does offer with the headset, even though this information is already offered by Android mobiles natively in its Bluetooth connection interface.

In addition, the app is not fully updated in its iOS version and does not list these headphones among its connection options, making it more complicated to recognize the headphones.

It also doesn't integrate a proximity sensor that detects when you're wearing the headset and stops audio automatically when you remove them. That means they'll continue to play audio even when you're not wearing them, which is important to maintain autonomy if you take them off without pausing the music first.

Good sound quality and autonomy for its price

Indisputably, the strength of the Buds Q2 realme is the good balance it offers in sound quality with respect to its price. Don't get us wrong, for 29.99 euros you're not going to get the same quality as a high-end headset,but it's good enough to be worth it.

realme Buds Q2, análisis y opinión

As already mentioned, from the realme app you can select three sound profiles that significantly change the sound experience.

The first profile is Bass Boost+ which, as the name suggests, fully squeezes the bass enhancer with a diaphragm made of thermoplastic polymer and TPU that delivers a good level of bass, but does so at the cost of slightly muddying the rest of frequencies reducing the range of the sharpest frequencies and the sharpness of the midtones.

The Strong profile enhances the presence of voices by making the mid frequencies stand out, but the result is more occlusive with the other frequencies being eclipsed.

realme Buds Q2, análisis y opinión

In our opinion, the most successful is the Dynamic profile,which is precisely activated at source. This profile offers a wider and balanced sound scene that maintains a good bass presence without interfering too much with all other frequencies.

Another new feature of these realme Buds Q2 is the Game mode. As actually indicated, enabling this mode reduces latency in game sound effects to 88 milliseconds. When you activate this Game mode during a game we have noticed some reduction of that latency,but it fails to eliminate it completely and some delay is maintained.

One of the strongest arguments of the Buds Q2 realme we are analyzing is their autonomy of use. In our case we have managed to exceed five hours of use, although this is closely related to volume, distance from the device and other factors that influence consumption.

To these just over 5 hours of use are added the three complete loads that are obtained with the chargingcase, so the end result is just over 20 hours of use without having to rely on a power outlet. It is a very good data of autonomy, even more taking into account that it is a headset of less than 30 euros.

When it comes time to recharge the batteries we regret not having a fast charging system in its entire extension taking 40 minutes to charge 50% of its capacity and 100 minutes to complete the charge of the headphones.

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