ROG Flow X13 is ASUS' latest gaming laptop and arrives ready to break all boundaries

ASUS leaps 2-in-1 computers with its latest ROG Flow X13 gaming model, a beast you can't miss.

In recent years there has been a revolution in everything that has to do with computers and video games. Technologies multiply their efficiency and increasing versatility is sought to break the established limits. In all these respects ASUS is a company used to surprising the industry.

An example is the company's latest laptop: ROG Flow X13. This computer shows in every detail how to achieve an efficiency never seen before to exceed the needs existing in the gaming world.

Let's show you the features of the latest ASUS laptop you'll want to have in your hands, whether it's your goal to work, play games or make presentations. If you don't know this equipment, be prepared to be surprised, you can't miss any details.

ASUS' first 2-in-1

ROG Flow X13

In recent times, a great design novelty has arrived that allows you to transform laptops into tablets for use in all situations and in any way you want.

The hinge rotates 360o and you can instantly transform your Flow X13 laptop into a tablet where you can make presentations, view content with the highest quality, or use it to draw, write, or other functions thanks to the touch screen. The latter is also very professional with the detail that is achieved with ASUS Pen.

Versatility is not at odds with comfort and the laptop is only 15.8 mm thick and weighs 1.3 kilograms that offer all the freedom to carry it with you whenever you want. If you have built your time at home, it will be your most reliable friend; in case you want to move it, it will accompany you everywhere.

ROG Flow X13

The touchscreen features Corning Gorilla Glass protection that prevents damage and resists fingerprints, as well as a secure grip for you to use without any fear.

A screen ready to scratch

It should be noted that these advances in the format of the computer to offer so many options have not gone into detail of the screen, but in ASUS a bet has been made to include the best features that can be found.

To the total rotation of the hinges, the protection, and that it is tactile it must be added that the 13.4 inches 16:10 screen and 4.9 mm frame is completed by being able to add different configurations that are especially important to enjoy video games to the fullest, such as a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

ROG Flow X13

In case you also want to watch the highest quality content, from TV shows or movies to your most powerful video games, there is the option to get hold of a screen with Ultra HD 4K resolution. Don't you aspire to the most with your laptop?

ROG Flow X13: power and more power

It won't surprise anyone to claim that an ASUS notebook has great power focused on its main function, and with the Flow X13 exactly that happens for video game fans to enjoy.

The engine of this computer is an AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS 8-core, 16-wire CPU with a cache of up to 20 MB. It can be purchased with a configuration of up to 32GB of LPDDR4X-4266 RAM that is ready to reduce power consumption and heat.

No video game on the market cannot be used with this equipment capable of offering the best fluidity when playing. Plus, now with internal storage up to 1TB, you don't have to worry about this either. Whether it's playing or working, this is a machine that's not intimidated by any challenges that come before you.

ROG Flow X13

Autonomy, performance... what do you need on your laptop?

Depending on how you're going to use your laptop, you might want to enhance something specific. It is clear that it is not the same to work with it as to play, so offering rigid and immovable performance does not make sense, and informing the ROG Flow X13 this has been taken especially into account.

As an example of the situation, in case you are looking for higher performance, the GeForce GTX 1650 GPU can increase autonomy or consume 5 W additional to offer the highest quality that you can find when it comes to enjoying your games. But if you're looking for versatility with docking and performance, the RTX 3080 graphics card puts it in your hand.

To enhance improvements, a very innovative cooling system has also been added that expels heat out of the CPU, GPU, and VRM with two flat heat pipes. These are joined by the two Arc Flow fans with 84 blade designs, that are as powerful as they are silent thanks to the care with which they have been developed, achieve up to 13% more ventilation without causing more noise.

ROG Flow X13 is an ASUS laptop for everything

Play, work, browse, watch series... When it comes to getting in front of the ROG Flow X13 there are no limits and all the details have been taken care of, from those that bring the latest advances in design and power to the most basic ones so that it is always reliable equipment.

This computer that bets on breaking the boundaries in the gaming laptop industry is now available and you can get to know it better through its official ASUS website. Whether you're a video game fan or not, we assure you that you're going to be surprised.

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