Snapchat unveils its new augmented reality Spectacles glasses that interact more with the real environment

The latest generation of Snapchat virtual reality goggles arrives. The company has introduced new Spectacles with more brightness and interaction capacity.

They are the fourth generation of AR glasses presented by Snapchat, a heavier model than the previous generation, but still to offer a fun interactive experience for any user, away from the professional and educational realm that Microsoft has focused on with its Hololens.

The new Spectacles were announced this week showing fantastic worlds full of butterflies, virtual pets, and digital sports by Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat. "The next generation of Spectacles can help unlock a new way to use AR hands-free," he explained.

Direct rivals of Facebook glasses, spectacles have dual wave screens that overlay AR effects created with Snapchat software tools. Meanwhile, four built-in microphones, two stereo speakers, and a touchpad are integrated into the mount to control the operating system.

Finally, the two front cameras help the glasses detect the real objects in front of us and adjust the AR effects to that environment more naturally. So butterflies know how to perch on the user's hand or the animals set running on the ground we are on.

However, this new model has the main drawback, it will not yet be on sale. It is a trial version that will be distributed among a group of AR effects developers to boost apps and experiences in glasses. A small group is chosen from among the 200,000 people who already take effect AR for the AR mobile app.

Another negative aspect is its short battery life, its battery only supports 30 minutes of continuous use, an effect caused by the power of the screen that can reach 2,000 nits of brightness for outdoor use. However, far from these drawbacks, the new Spectacles have other, more interesting new features, for example, allow multiple people to view and interact with the same scene in AR.

Tapping the vast potential of @Snap's AR platform, the next generation of Spectacles allows you to overlay Lenses directly onto the world in front of you, for an immersive AR experience. #SnapPartnerSummit

— Spectacles (@Spectacles) May 20, 2021

Snapchat has launched an innovation lab called Ghost for $3.5 million to support creators who create their AR effects. He has also promoted a collaboration with Verizon to boost the use of AR through 5G and is working on a camera drone while making his glasses market-ready.

The company says it could take a decade to achieve widespread adoption, perhaps it's a mix of innovation work and development and marketing strategy to create expectation.

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