Spotify Green Room, Spotify clubhouse alternative


Spotify's clubhouse alternative is on the way and already has an official name: it will be called Spotify Greenroom and will be a revamped version of the Locker Room live audio app.

Undoubtedly, Clubhouse is the social network of the moment. The application has managed to fall in love with users due to both its features and its exclusivity, and the rest of the platforms have rushed to copy their approach.

Spotify has been the last giant to announce its alternative to Clubhouse. It will be called Spotify Greenroom and will be a revamped version of Locker Room, the live audio app that the platform acquired a few weeks ago.

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, has been in charge of breaking the news in the latest episode of the company's For the Record podcast. The manager assures that live audio is an interesting communication format and believes that soon we will be able to see it everywhere. According to him, the same will happen as with ephemeral publications originating on Snapchat, which today are present on all platforms in the Stories format.

Spotify Greenroom la competencia de Clubhouse - World Today News

"Like Video Stories that all major platforms have as a way for the audience to communicate with each other, I similarly watch live audio," Eke explains. "I hope all platforms have it."

Spotify CEO's prediction is not risky at all but is based on the evidence we've been able to observe so far. That all the great services want to have their own version of Clubhouse is a fact. Twitter has launched Spaces, Facebook already tries Hotline and many other alternatives are coming.

Faced with the proliferation of live audio apps, believes Spotify Greenroom will stand out from other platforms' options thanks to its network of content creators. The company has invested millions to exclusively get podcasts from Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen, or Joe Rogan, and also has a user base of more than 356 million people, which will favor their adoption.

At the moment we don't know when Spotify's alternative to Clubhouse will come to light, so we'll have to wait for the company to offer more information.

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