Spotify launches new search filters on ios and android


Spotify continues to improve the dynamics of its app to make music search and discovery a simple and intuitive user experience.

Following that same line, you are now adding a series of new filters that will make it easier to find the content you are looking for from the app on iOS and Android.

Spotify improves its search system in the app

The Spotify team has been very active this year by releasing frequent updates that greatly improve the app and give more prominence to podcasts.

We have already seen that it has developed a virtual assistant that is activated with the "Hey Spotify", has released a new design in its web version and desktop app, and several new features for podcasts. And now a new dynamic is added that boosts searches from your mobile app.

When we search Spotify, all possible results are automatically presented. So we will see albums, podcasts, artists, songs, among others, that fit with the word or phrase of our search. While it can be practical when we don't know what we're looking for, it can be frustrating if we just want to focus on one type of content. The new dynamics proposed by Spotify solve this problem.

When we search, Spotify will add these new filters under the bar so we can define what we're looking for in the app. As you see in the image above, you can use the filters so that search results only show songs, artists, playlists, podcasts, and albums. Or you can opt for Top, which will show you the most relevant results for your search.

Yes, a dynamic similar to the one Spotify implemented in "Your Library" with filters that allow us to focus on specific content and not waste so much time searching through all our favorite music or podcast episodes. These new filters are available for both free and premium accounts, but it may take a few weeks to reach all users.

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