That's RotoMoon, the cryptocurrency that was born in ForoCoches

Sooner or later it had to happen. ForoCoches already has its cryptocurrency, RotoMoon. Or she had it until she got kicked out. Now he's on the free

If the people of the Reddit forum have been able to check the global exchanges supporting sunken companies, or a cryptocurrency born of a meme, Dogecoin, it threatens the popularity of Bitcoin or Etherium... Why wouldn't ForoCoches have its own cryptocurrency?

It is called RotoMoon, and although it was born in ForoCoches through some users and takes as reference internal jokes of the most popular forum in Spain, they have already been disassociated from it, because all references to RotoMoon have been deleted from the forum.

But now this token has its own website, and is willing to grow internationally, as Dogecoin, Filecoin, and many others have done.

RotoMoon was released on April 18 at ForoCoches, and quickly gained users for its link with the popular forum, and for its solidarity purpose: to help homeless dogs and cats.

In just 48 hours it already had more than a thousand owners and a capitalization of almost 2 million euros, although today the investment has slowed almost dry, as you can see in Popcorn.

Technically RootMoon is not a cryptocurrency, but a token. For practical purposes, it is almost the same, but there is a difference. While cryptocurrencies have their own Blockchain chain, tokens use each other's Blockchain to work. Actually, most of what we call cryptocurrencies are tokens. RootMoon's is called $ROTO.

RootMoon plans to run 288 billion tokens. It's not a randomly chosen number, nor a mathematical algorithm. 288 is an internal joke of ForoCoches: when someone asks for something whose answer is data, by way of a joke many users answer: "288".

RootMoon is financed and grows through a 10% commission on each transaction that is made with tokens $ROOT. 5% go directly to token owners, to increase the value of the cryptocurrency, and 5% to NGOs that help homeless dogs and cats.

As we have mentioned although RootMoon was born in ForoCoches it seems that some conflict has arisen, because all posts about the cryptocurrency have been deleted. Perhaps its leaders do not allow this new type of business to take advantage of the forum's fame to make themselves known.

In any case, RootMoon already has its own website, and they claim that it is a serious project that aims to stabilize over time. They have even planned to launch animal NFTs this year, to raise funds.

On its website, you have all the information and how to buy $ROOT. But as they themselves warn, before doing so it is advisable to consult with a financial advisor, because any cryptocurrency has a high risk.

According to the Business Insider account, RootMoon is not the only cryptocurrency that has emerged from ForoCoches. There are others like CoinCAS and Shurcoin.

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