The end of some jokes and surprises: twitter no longer trims images in tweet preview

Imágenes Twitter

On Twitter, it was common to encounter some images that hid surprises from time to time beyond what you could see in their preview thumbnail.

Now, with the latest update to your mobile app, tweets no longer similarly crop preview published images.

No more content hidden in Twitter images

For a few hours now, a new update has renewed the way the short-message social network works with these images.

Until before this change, Twitter's algorithm was responsible for cropping the preview of images to their default aspect ratio, automatically selecting which part to highlight. The results generated were not without criticism, some for certain superficial inaccuracies, but also others for more sensitive issues, such as possible racist biases.

With some wit, several netizens shared through the social network some images that concealed certain "surprises" outside the margins of the standard clipping.

Now, under the new way in which images are displayed in tweets, this practice is difficult. The new interface presents images in a longer aspect ratio, exhibiting in most cases the complete content, occupying a significant fraction of a mobile screen.

Although this new dynamic reduces exposure to inappropriate or "bad taste" content while browsing the platform feed, this change also seals the end of more harmless viral dynamics, which also used this resource. An example of this is showing small pets as "surprises" hidden in a long image.

Comparación imágenes Twitter

On the left, a tweet is still displayed in the web version. On the right, the new way under which the mobile app displays the images on Twitter.

The web version still makes classic cropping over tweet images. As long as this modification is not yet made there as well, the comparison can be made in the same way as in the attached image.

Image processing has been at the focus of Twitter's news in the last time. Previously, it was announced by the same social network the support incorporated in the platform to work with images in 4K quality, opening a space to disseminate graphic content in better quality, something useful especially for those who share their work related to photography or graphic design.

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