The robot that japan will send to the moon


A robot the size of a baseball, that's what Japan will take to the moon in 2022, a transformer rover that will arrive on our satellite with the company space.

It will use the hakuto-R commercial lander, and its goal will be to take photographs of the moon and collect data on lunar dust, a corrosive substance that can damage other machines and negatively affect human health.

space also announced the arrival of another rover on the moon, in this case from the United Arab Emirates, called Rashid, so both countries will join the club of the Soviet Union, the United States, and China, countries that have already reached the moon.

The Japanese rover is an 80 mm sphere that opens to roll over the lunar surface on two wheels. It only weighs 250 grams, being very portable and practical to be transported. It is expected to play an active role in future lunar exploration missions.

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space will also be responsible for communication and operations during the exploration of the robot's lunar surface.

Telemetry from the space mission will also help with JAXA's (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) plans to deploy the "Lunar Cruiser," a huge pressurized rover for astronauts that could be ready to drive on the moon in 2029.

Several companies aim for the moon. These include Lockheed Martin and GM, who announced Wednesday, May 26, that they will team up to build a new lunar buggy for astronauts for NASA's Artemis lunar landing program, which could take people to the moon in 2024.

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