This is Acer's new 3d technology that aims to revolutionize the professional realm


There was a time when 3D technologies were going to be the most revolutionary thing in TVs, portable video game consoles, and other electronic devices, promising several three-dimensional experiences without the need for special glasses.

But 3D aimed at domestic consumption did not go beyond the promises and various attempts, and then was parked in favor of other new technologies also aimed at domestic consumption that have been appearing along the way.

But some time later, Acer wanted to orient the visualization of 3D content without the need for glasses to the professional productivity segment with the launch of its new SpatialLabs technology, which aims at least for professionals, such as 3D designers, to interact with their projects in real-time without the need for special glasses.

Directing 3D visualization without glasses to the professional realm

SpatialLabs technology will make an appearance on the company's concept notebooks. According to Acer, its new technology is basically "a set of experiences powered by cutting-edge optical solutions".

As they comment in The Verge, which has had access to a concept laptop, SpatialLabs is based on three elements: a stereo camera that houses two sensors for tracking the position of the eyes and head, being located on the top bezel, an optical lens located at the top of the screen, and a 3D rendering technology in real-time that allows working with 3D elements in certain applications.

While the result is more than surprising given its great realism, it is necessary to consider several aspects of SpatialLabs, the main one being the need to have a computer with a fairly powerful graph to be solvent throughout the processing.

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In addition, it is a technology that allows it to be used by a single person simultaneously, besides that it will not be able to wear masks, nor have a powerful light behind it, which would make it difficult to work with the stereo camera.

For now, there are some compatible applications that you can start using the new technology, including a video player that dares with videos for Virtual reality or 3D youTube, and even 3D model viewers made in Maya or Blender.

At the moment it is not expected that this technology will be able to reach home users in the short term, although the results are promising enough that in the future it could also reach them.

It will be interesting to follow up, especially if at some point the fashion of 3D resurfaced.

Image Credit: Acer Learn

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