This new Google artificial intelligence helps diagnose skin conditions

IA de Google para casos de afecciones de piel

Google works on an artificial intelligence-based tool that will give us a pre-diagnosis of some kind of skin condition.

Artificial Intelligence is born to make our lives much easier, and within it is modern medical care and more during the current pandemic that has taught humanity a lot for future years.

Google is leveraging artificial intelligence for the field of healthcare, in a way to help users learn about skin conditions.

Specifically, what Mountain View aims to do is implement artificial diagnostic intelligence for skin conditions by logging into smartphones, thus allowing the user to have an idea of what their diagnosis might be. Obviously, this is not born to replace the role of a professional dermatologist, but it is to give a prior idea.

IA de Google para casos de afecciones de piel


This preview of the artificial intelligence tool is born to inform users about the condition of their skin, but also nails and hair. Artificial intelligence technology employs techniques similar to those used to identify lung cancer and diabetic eye disease. To do this the tool uses a camera to capture an image of the skin and then provides the possible causes of various symptoms.

To let you know its importance, this digital intelligence tool from Google extracts 65,000 skin images and case data. The good thing is that it is very easy to use it since all that would be needed is a web-based application, three photos of the affected area of the skin and wait for the preliminary diagnosis.

Before that the application processes the images, and wonders how long it has been since it has had the symptoms, using different responses to reach a more accurate list of possible diagnoses by extracting an accurate knowledge of 288 skin conditions to give probable matches that users can bring to a dermatologist.

The tool would be born as a compliment and never as a replacement for a professional dermatologist, but it could prevent false information when a person searches for some kind of skin condition on Google, which could sound alarmed when they don't.

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