Trombia, a robot to clean the streets of cities


One of the objectives of technology is to eliminate the heaviest jobs of human beings and to be able to replace them with others that offer a better quality of life. Among these jobs, we have to clean the streets of the big cities, and in that sense, there is news that comes from Helsinki.

This is Trombia, a silent, emissions-free robot that aims to leave the streets clean without disturbing residents.

It started operating on April 27, and every afternoon from Monday to Friday is responsible for cleaning the busy street, a bike path, and the Helsinki area of J.

It is an autonomous and electric street sweeper, so quiet that it allows you to sweep the streets at night. They want to transform the city into an ideal smart city, a reference for the world's major cities, and this robot is one more demonstration.

The pilot will remotely control the noise level and efficiency of the street sweeper, as well as the benefits and limitations. The machine can detect obstacles and pedestrians on its way and stop, but during this pilot phase, it will always be accompanied by an operator.

Autonomous street sweeper Trombia Free cleans up city streets in Helsinki -  Inceptive Mind

Trombia Free is described as "the world's first autonomous, electric and fully motorized street sweeper", consumes only 15 percent of the energy and a fraction of the water from conventional cleaning machines, and does not generate emissions.

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