USB-C is updated to 240W: you'll soon see them on many more computers


The new USB-C standard update reaches 240 W and will be very useful for many devices.

USB-Cs have almost caused more hassle than benefits to users at the moment by adding a new type of connector that has not been imposed in general and has caused them to charge with different cables depending on the device. But this can change with the standard update that opens up a multitude of possibilities.

The USB-C standard has been updated in version 2.1 that has been performed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) industrial group and will go from 100 to 240 W with an extended power range (EPR). This is a considerable increase in power that will allow it to extend its use to other more powerful equipment because of using them as a means of charging.

If so far we have barely seen these connectors to charge laptops or power 4K monitors or printers, with the update it will be possible, as explained in CNET.

This will be a new step with the USB that at first served to connect devices to PCs to transmit data and that soon began to multiply their use and be enhanced with various updates. Its small size has been especially important to deploy on mobile telephony and now with the increase in power, a small revolution will be lived again.

These 240W cables will feature a series of icons that allow you to distinguish them at a glance so as not to confuse them with those at the moment. Although they will not be able to feed all kinds of equipment, they will serve to do so with more and will not close the door to another update in the future.

Clearly, in addition to the increased load, this will be accompanied by greater data transmission that will be leveraged in a few years when smart equipment will increase in our lives. But if you want to know more, you can read all the information about this novelty in the document published by USB-IF.

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