Video games for classic consoles that have been released in recent years

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Unofficial software, created by either amateurs or experienced developers, is called Homebrew. Although it applies to any kind of computer program, in the field of video games this is a practice that brings together a no less number of followers.

Currently, it is possible to find on the web some instances of games created for some console or platform of yesteryear, discontinued in most cases. Here are some examples.


This platformer is based on the dynamics of jumping and running. The story centers on Hermes, a cook who chases one of his chickens to cook it. Considering that this is now considered a sensitive topic, its developers warn that the game has pixel violence and promotes meat consumption.

It is available for a large number of classic computers and consoles from different eras. Among them are Amiga OS4, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Classic, Portable, and Vita, along with many other platforms.

Link: Hermes  

Super Tilt Bro.

Rescuing the spirit of Super Smash Bros, that famed game that started its saga in 1999, with an edition for Nintendo 64, came up with this proposal for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES/Famicom).

For those who do not know this game, it is an instance that escapes the dynamics of traditional fighting games, because instead of physically weakening them, the goal is to expel them from a platform (game arena).

Link: Super Tilt Bro. 

Galactic Revenge

This action platformer focuses on Olivia Gun's character. The narrated story tells of an attack that the protagonist was the victim of, on which she seeks to claim recovering her video game console, which is part of what she lost.

It features 20 levels, 4 "bosses" (powerful enemy levels) and can be downloaded as ROM for Sega Master System.

Link: Galactic Revenge  


This game boasts a graphic treatment worthy of games with pixel art aesthetics that today circulate more frequently on the Internet.

Available for Super Nintendo, this standalone game introduces us to a character in a dark maze, which you must tour in search of their exit. It is still in development, but shared progress is remarkable and can already be played.

Link: REM 


If the concept of "classic console" evokes something older, you might be interested in this. It is a fighting game, in its most basic presentation, but created for Atari 2600.

Available in two different editions (one with the jump option enabled and one not), this game has three levels, which must be played between two people, as it does not have the mode to play against the computer.

Link: Bushido  

This listing is presented as an introductory. The alternatives that can be found on the web are much broader, contemplating a more open spectrum of consoles that have an unofficial extension of their game catalog, hand in hand with a whole community of amateur and professional developers.

Depending on the media under which these games run, some may even be found in physical editions, such as The Last Supper, which in addition to being offered as a downloadable ROM, is also available as a cartridge for SNES.

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