Vodafone Atika, analysis and opinion

The Vodafone company has entered the smart speaker market with Atika, a bet in direct collaboration with Devialet that offers Alexa compatibility, the ability to control Vodafone TV, and a sound that surprises given the size of the speaker.

If you are one of the people who is thinking of purchasing a smart speaker for your home and you are a Vodafone TV user this newtika is an option to consider due to the possibilities it offers in that ecosystem.

This speaker has a very aesthetic finish in aluminum with a fabric mesh in a very neutral gray tone and that sure looks good in any environment.

But well, first of all, let's look at specs and how much it costs to you Vodafone Atika which, we already anticipate, is not economical, but we are in a league to compete practically from you to you with options like Amazon's Echo Studio, among others.

Compact and discreet although with a very large power supply

If we talk about the design of this speaker we have to comment that we are facing a rectangular parallelepiped design with slightly curved sides and rounded corners.

It has a height of 21 centimeters and a base of 12.4 centimeters on the side. It's, as we see, very compact. However, at weight level, we move above two kilos and that is that inside it mounts no less than 5 speakers.

The main structure of the unit is metallic, something that can be seen at the bottom, where you will find one of the subwoofers and the four legs that end in small rubber studs to avoid transmitting vibrations to the surface.

If we look at the top we find a small plastic cover with metallic paint where, in its central part, are the physical buttons of the speaker and the ring of status LEDs and the assistant.

Vodafone Átika - LEDs

The vast majority of the speaker is finished with a very elegant grey fabric that covers the three side speakers arranged in 120o configuration.

One thing to note is the power supply that is very bulky and has the same design as the base of the tika. You can mount it on it or simply plug the cable in and leave it hidden.

Vodafone Átika - fuente alimentación

Vodafone Átika - fuente alimentación

At the bottom rear we find the Wi-Fi pairing button and the Bluetooth pairing button that enclose both the power connector and the S/PDIF optical connector that we can use to connect a TV or, for example, the Vodafone TV.

Vodafone Átika - conexiones

That rear side has a metal column with fins that runs all over its side and appears to operate as a radiator to relieve the temperature of the internal amplification system.

Vodafone Átika

As we see, a premium design for a device that is easy to set up as a smart speaker through your own app on both iOS and Android.

Mobile settings, an app paired in options

If there's one thing we've seen when it comes to using this speaker, it's how your app is basic to be able to set it up, associate it with our Amazon account for the Alexa assistant, and little else.

Vodafone Atika

The initial setup is simple, however, with a step-by-step wizard that guides us on how to connect the speaker, how to get it into pairing mode, and then be detected by the application itself.

After that, you only have to associate the speaker with your Amazon account and/or even a Spotify account and you can play your music using voice commands from the speaker itself.

The application once configured only gives us an option to be able to vary the volume of the speaker, something that is also possible from its top button or live voice and also change the sound input source, between optical input and Bluetooth.

As we say it is an application that is behind other applications that allow us to equalize the sound or activate and deactivate different virtualization options of the same. Parca but functional. Now, let's get to the heart of the question: what does this Vodafonetika sound like?

Sounds surprisingly good for your size

As just as we start using the Vodafone Atika we realize that we are facing a speaker that competes against the highest smart speakers on the market.

Devialet is a company that has been developing speakers for years and is a safe bet on Vodafone. Atika is a compendium between an elegant design and a very balanced sound configuration with five speakers.

This model has 2 subwoofers, one at the top and one at the top that is responsible for reproducing the lowest frequency range and, in fact, has a very noticeable glue for the size it.

Subwoofer Átika

The full-range speakers are arranged in a horizontal plane at 120o separation getting a fairly accurate 5.1 sound reproduction. It does not support Dolby Atmos, yes, but with Dolby Audio 5.1 via that optical connection.


Devialet SPACE technology creates a surround sound experience from a stand-alone device and from any format (stereo or multichannel), with no additional speakers to Chitika.

Conexión óptica Átika

These speakers manage to play audio quite balanced with full-bodied media and reach treble almost at the height of some kind of tweeter.

However, if we get fine by ear, there is a small noticeable jump in the frequency near the subwoofer cut where you can see a minimum volume jump and that could be alleviated with EQ adjustment options from the app.

At the volume level, we are looking at a speaker that for any room has a volume to spare and that you will not use more than 30-40% volume in most cases, so there is room to be able to climb more in large rooms since it controls very well the distortion at high volumes.

Vodafone Átika

In fact, Devialet's Adaptive Volume Level (AVL) technology dynamically adapts the volume level of the device in real-time according to the content played. This way, you don't need to turn up the volume to listen to a movie's dialogues or lower it during action sequences.

As we say, very well in this section, the main one if we talk about a clear speaker is. If we compare it to the competition it's and premium-range speakers.

Speaker with Alexa, similar to echoes, with the plus of Vodafone TV control

Amazon speakers are the models to imitate in terms of the support of this Alexa voice assistant of the company itself. This Vodafone Atika speaker integrates perfectly with it and you can ask them.

But beyond that and the option to invoke the Amazon assistant using the Alexa voice command, there is an interesting point that Vodafone has been able to adapt to its VodafoneTV system. Using voice commands, preceded by the relatively natural Hello Atikakeyword, we can control Vodafone TV playback.

ou can perform the same functions as with the remote control: on/off, volume control, switch channels, record, rollback, access apps like HBO Uk, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. As examples: "Hello Atika. Put the MTV Channel on | Hello, tika. Advance 10 minutes | Hello, tika. Enter HBO Spain."

It is a plus to consider if, and only if, you are a Vodafone TV user. In any other case, it's something you won't be able to use although you'll always have Alexa functionality that allows you to interact with smart homes, music streaming services, and much more.

Átika micro

And yes, for those who are more jealous of his intimacy, this tika has the option to mute the microphone by pressing the top button. From then on you will not receive any live voice command until you press the button again.

Good sound and a great complement for VodafoneTV

The speaker that Vodafone proposes as a smart solution to offer both TV sound and smart speaker. It can certainly serve as a combo for many people who want to improve the sound of their TV and also looks for a speaker that offers quality sound to listen to music and a smart assistant.

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