What is a vtuber, the audiovisual phenomenon of the last time


Vtuber is the contraction of the English expression "virtual YouTuber". Under that label, content creators are called, both videos and live streams, who are presented under the facet of an animated avatar, digitally designed and usually influenced by the aesthetics of anime.

During the last time, several notable copies of this mode of content creation have entered the scene, profiling as a YouTuber or streamer more of the community. Predominantly, these avatars characterize female characters, although, in itself, this is not an exclusive rule of the format.

Although this model has now impacted a global level, the origin of this trend took place in Japan, influencing the graphical trend that would be perpetuated over time.

According to 2018 figures issued by social company Insight and shared by the Nipón moguLivemedium, there would be 3 thousand virtual YouTubers existing at the time of the survey. As a whole, this group of channels accumulates a total of 12.7 million subscribed users and 720 million views in their videos.

Today, amid the sustained growth experienced by the digital platforms that host these content, such as YouTube, Twitch, and the like, a greater number of such initiatives have been able to proliferate. Here are some examples.


Since last year, this virtual YouTuber has captured the attention of the gamer circle fond of live broadcasts, particularly. With a dynamic and sometimes acidic style, which has earned it a ban on Twitch on more than one occasion, this Vtuber will appear, apparently with greater editorial freedoms, promptly on the G4 streaming platform, which will be relaunched soon.

Kizuna AI

Popularly, it is considered to be the first Vtuber of the Internet. He is credited with massifying the concept of virtual YouTubers.

The voice actress behind this character, Nozomi Kasuga, managed to form a cohesive community by constantly interacting with her followers. As a notable milestone in his public career, he went on to appear in an interview with Nobel Prize winners in October 2018, in a non-controversy-free presentation.

Kaguya Luna

Like the previous Vtuber, it also originates in Japan. Its contents are offered under similar dynamic, alternating music videos with Vlogs that develop conversation themes.

With a relaxed and cheerful personality, this virtual character boasts the second-largest channel in its class, being surpassed only by Kizuna AI.

Barbie, now a YouTuber

Mattel's celebrated doll has been present on YouTube since 2005. Over the past few years, with digital animation resources, a character's 3D avatar is present on the channel by uploading vlogs. In the attached example, Barbie performs a viral dynamic between content creators, a quiz to answer with her best friend, in this case, Ken.

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