Looking back can bring back good memories or make us reflect on mistakes that should be repeated to us. For that, there is also the series that offer us entertainment and messages with which to learn something else from our society.

This weekend we propose two options, depending on your mood you can get into the underground railroad that freed so many slaves in the United States with The Underground Railroad in Prime Video. Whereas if you need to get away from trouble, you can turn to science fiction.

Netflix has been compiling all seasons and versions of the galactic saga par excellence. Whether you're a Trekkie or not, you should cheer up and dive into each of the Star Trek episodes from start to end to see how their people have evolved with the different actors who have played them decade after decade.

Star Trek Marathon

Star Trek

It's not very new content, but this week we've been morriña about the adventures of the Enterprise. Star Trek is a series with a lot of history, versions, and seasons. Finding them all to do a good marathon all weekend is complicated, but for the most part, you have them on Netflix, so we've decided to point it out as an option to get lost in your universe. We leave you the link to the original series so that you can then continue with the other adaptations.

  • Title: Star Trek
  • Release date:1968
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Platform: Netflix

The Courtyard Gang

La banda del patio

Since we get nostalgic with Star Trek, we can also regain success from our childhood, at least some of us. The Patio Band is an animated series for both adults and children, with humorous punches for all ages, but without a doubt, the best was their educational messages of friendship, respect, and equality that are still an achievement that the rest of the children's animation has not achieved. This gang hasn't aged badly.

  • Title: The Courtyard Band
  • Release date:1997
  • Duration:30 min
  • Platform: Disney Plus

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is currently on release, although this series has recently arrived on the platform going unnoticed then it should. The Underground Railroad is based on Colson Whitehead's novel and stars Thuso Mbedu and Joel Edgerton. It tells the story of Cora, a young slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia who lives subjected to the cruelty of her back after being abandoned by her own mother.

A difficult story that reflects one of the hardest times in human history. That underground railroad that many slaves tried to escape the horror that lived on the plantations. It may seem like a story from the past, but its dyes are still perceived today.

  • Title: The Underground Railroad
  • Release date:2021
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Platform: Prime Video