WhatsApp Rectification: The app will no longer remove features from users who do not accept its new conditions


Following criticism from some countries and digital privacy experts, WhatsApp changes its decision to penalize users who do not accept the new app's terms.

On May 15, after several delays, WhatsApp's new terms of use and privacy policy were applied. The messaging app has received quite a few criticisms since the announcement of these new rules earlier this year and then for how to apply them among its users.

The new conditions request user permission so that WhatsApp can share certain private data with Facebook and also with related companies. Messages will still be protected by the end-to-end encryption system, but other data such as phone numbers, transaction data, service-related information, mobile information, or IP address will be shared between WhatsApp and Facebook, your owner company.

These changes were finally implemented on May 15 and the company stated that all users who did not accept the new rules would gradually lose features available in the app. This meant that they could not send messages, read received messages, or make calls among other things. Now WhatsApp rectifies at this point.

"Given the recent discussion with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make it clear that we currently have no plans to limit WhatsApp functionality for those who have not yet accepted the update." The company has confirmed that users will not lose features because they do not accept the new terms.

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In addition, WhatsApp refers to criticism received by countries such as India or Turkey where the withdrawal of these new privacy conditions has been required. In the European Union, the application of these data-sharing measures with Facebook will be somewhat more limited by data protection law or GDPR.

"Instead, we'll continue to send reminders to users from time to time about the update, when people choose to use relevant optional features, such as communicating with a company that is supported by Facebook. We hope that this approach will reinforce the choice that all users have whether or not they want to interact with a company" ends the WhatsApp release.

WhatsApp and Facebook plan to move forward to increase the number of data that both brands exchange, but their application method seems to be softened by internationally received reviews.

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