WhatsApp will keep accounts and functions to those who don't accept its new terms


WhatsApp, Facebook's popular messaging app, is having a fairly hectic year about the new terms and conditions it wants to implement in its service, something that is not being easy due to opposition from a significant portion of users from the outing, which has motivated the messaging platform to move the original deployment date, noted for February 8, to May 15.

In this way, the popular messaging platform, considering that it has offered misconception, which has led users to look with good eyes at the adoption of other messaging services, and in fact, many have been encouraged to do so, has given a period of time of about three months to try to be clearer in which message it has wanted to move users.

They will only get heavy for the acceptance of the new terms

Still, and as at the beginning of the year, WhatsApp has continued to pretend that users explicitly accept the new terms and conditions, under threat of suspending accounts, which is what has ignited the fuse of outrage.

Within their postponement, they went so far as to indicate that those who did not accept the new terms and conditions before May 15, would see their experience reduced, where they would only receive notifications and incoming calls, to the point of losing their accounts over time.

WhatsApp forces users to accept new terms of service, privacy policy

And now, when the countdown is underway, and the competition is with open arms with the possible arrival of new users(Threema, an important alternative based in Switzerland, has organized what the #DeleteWhatsAppDay comes to be called), WhatsApp backs down and points out that those users who have not yet accepted the new terms and conditions, will not be suspended their accounts, nor will they lose functions with the entry into force of the new terms and conditions.

WhatsApp s and will limit to notifying you of the existence of new terms and conditions for them to accept, without undermining the features it offers in its application. This way, WhatsApp regulates and won't leave anyone lying down.

This change instance has been known through the Press Trust of India, where the company has noted the following:

While most users who have received the new terms of service have accepted them, we've seen that some people haven't had a chance to do so yet. No accounts will be deleted on May 15 due to this update and no one will lose WhatsApp functionality either. We will continue with reminders to people over the next few weeks

It is the circumstance that India was looking with a magnifying glass at WhatsApp's steps, although misgivings with the new terms and conditions also come from other parts of the world.

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