Windows will change completely soon, Microsoft CEO has advanced

The next generation of Windows is coming up and will be a revolution, as it can be extracted from the words of Satya Nadella.

Just as other companies organize ongoing conferences announcing their news or some of the plans they have for the future, Microsoft couldn't be less, and Build is holding the company's event for software engineers and web developers using Windows. These days focus directly on professionals, but you can always extract interesting data for all users.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had a brief intervention of just 15 minutes during yesterday's opening day and made major changes. If you barely mentioned the operating system updates, you did talk about"the next generation of Windows" coming soon, as reported by The Next Web. Nadella reported that she has seen over the last few months what the next big Windows novelty will look like and the great excitement she feels about it, but nothing like her words to create anticipation about it.

As he told attendees through the online event: "We will soon share one of the most important Windows updates of the last decade to unlock greater economic opportunities for developers and creators. I've hosted it myself over the last few months and I'm incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows."

Nadella talking exactly about an upcoming generation of Windows served to arouse everyone's curiosity. This is even more so when you know that a big visual change may be being prepared in Windows 10 that would have important design developments.

However, it was avoided for the time being to give concrete details about what developments are expected. It is likely that soon, a term used by Nadella himself, we know more, but surely that new generation will arouse as much curiosity as fear in professionals accustomed to the trial and error that Microsoft's history has.

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