Xiaomi wins the battle: the US has blacklisted the company

Finally, Xiaomi has won the battle and the United States ceases to regard it as part of the Chinese government.

Although they have not suffered the consequences at the same level as Huawei, they have been a few months complicated for Xiaomi after being rated by the United States Government as a"Chinese communist military company". This led to her being blacklisted and blocking any business with her.

Xiaomi's response was quick and from the outing point, it was possible to check the arbitrariness to which it was being subjected so debatably from the arguments used. Fortunately for Xiaomi, a few days ago an agreement was reached with the Department of Defense and a few hours ago the whole process to which it was subjected was canceled.

According to TechCrunch, the U.S. District Court of Columbia delivered a ruling yesterday and Xiaomi will be able to conduct its business normally, as well as work with other companies, after leaving the blacklist in which it had been included.

This agreement closes with good words from both parties and Xiaomi has also released a statement in which, in addition to thanking everyone for their trust, it repeats its message of being an independent company:

"The Company reiterates that it is an open, transparent, publicly traded corporation that is managed independently. The company will continue to provide trusted consumer technology products and services for users, and will continue to design amazing devices at honest prices so everyone can enjoy a better life through innovative technology."

It should be noted that with the change of president there has been little progress on this trade war that continues to put technology companies in the spotlight. Huawei remains in the same blocking situation, although Honor can now operate with Google's services after becoming an independent company.

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