YouTube tests comments on SoundCloud-style videos


This new system allows users to link their comments to a specific moment of the video, with a style similar to the one found in SoundCloud.

YouTube tests timed comments

While the comments section is usually a headache, YouTube plans to apply a system similar to SoundCloud, to give them a little more relevance. If you've taken a look at that platform you'll know that comments can be read while the track is playing, as they are displayed below the waveforms.

That's the dynamic you want to apply to YouTube, as mentioned by the Google team. The idea is that users can link their comments to a specific moment in the video. So the rest of the users will be able to see these comments and automatically go to the corresponding part of the video. A time-mark-like system is added to the video's progress bar to divide them into "chapters, only this time the work is done by users.

YouTube is testing SoundCloud-like timestamped comments

They haven't provided more details about this dynamic, so we'll have to wait to see how much freedom they'll give users and whether the YouTube algorithm will be able to filter those who just want to spam or harass others. And if it were extended to all users, creators would be expected to have the final say when implementing this dynamic in their youTube channel videos.

At the moment, this "timed comments" option is a test that is only being performed with a small group of users on iOS and Android devices. Depending on user feedback, it may be extended to all users.

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