A smartwatch that also houses its own wireless headphones

Wearbuds Watch

We have just been struck by a campaign in Indiegogo in which funding is sought to bring forward an interesting model of smartwatch that also serves as a charging case for its own wireless headphones, integrating into the design itself perfectly.

According to the campaign, this is the third generation of the Wearbuds Watch, bringing as a novelty improved manufacturing processes, a larger screen, and advanced performance features.

With an approach aimed especially as a complement to sports activities, they could not miss the functions of monitoring the state of health and physical activity, such as monitoring the quality of sleep, steps taken, or alerts of a sedentary lifestyle, among others, having four sports modes and housing for the monitoring of health various sensors such as the sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation or blood pressure, among others.

Users will have a complimentary mobile application with which to obtain all the information of the results of the sports activities they have carried out, allowing them to know better the performance they have had in the development of the same.

Both the watch itself and the wireless headphones are IPX6 certified, so users should not worry when it comes to sweating while performing their sports activities.

The headphones, which house Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, will allow them to manage the playback of music, accept (or reject) calls, and more with simple touches on them, being also compatible with the main virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, or the Google Assistant.

The creators of this product highlight the great audio quality of the headphones, with a noise-free experience, and with a comfortable design to use on a day-to-day basis. The headphones offer a charge autonomy of 2.5 hours, while the watch itself has a charge autonomy of about ten days, as indicated in the campaign itself.

Currently, the campaign is being a success, having exceeded more than 300% of the funding goal, and that there are still 43 more days in which new sponsors can be added, also taking into account that the shipments will be made anywhere in the world and that on this occasion, they have about 1,500 units waiting to be sent shortly after the end of the campaign.

As always, those interested will have all the details on the campaign's own website, including images and reviews made by some media about this product.

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