Abandoned: everything that is known about Hideo Kojima's supposed Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima y Konami son relacionados con el juego Abandoned, el cual podría ser el Silent Hill de PS5. Foto: PlayStation - composición La República

The possible announcement of a video game hadn't thrilled gamers as much as it does now. In social networks, there has been talking about a title called Abandoned that could be, according to theories, the next Silent Hill created by Hideo Kojima.

It all started on April 7, 2021, when the following about Abandoned was posted on the PlayStation blog: "a first-person cinematic survival shooter". The game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The game in question is being developed by Blue Box Game Studios, a company that was apparently registered in the Netherlands in 2015, as read in Hiper Textual. Until then it was believed that it was just another game that would come to Sony's next-generation console.

However, the post also added this description to the title: "The story is centered on Jason Longfield, who wakes up in a strange forest. Abandoned and not remembering how he got there, Jason soon discovers that he was kidnapped and taken there for a dark purpose. Fighting for their survival, their main goal is to escape."

From here, fans didn't hesitate to link Abandoned to Silent Hill, as the description of the upcoming PS5 exclusive matched the story of Konami's popular video game for the first PlayStation.

What Sony has done so far allows us to believe that it would be a video game made by a debutant studio to which the firm gave the opportunity. But, not all of these titles are published on PlayStation Blog.

It could be said that the official blog of the comp is only dedicated to exclusives of PlayStation Studios and important projects of other development houses; in addition, those indie games are usually published with another third party on the page and that did not happen with Abandoned.

The clues about Abandoned, Hideo Kojima's possible Silent Hill for PS5

Abandoned is being developed by Blue Box Game Studios and the director of the title is Hasan Kahraman, about whom absolutely nothing is known. But thanks to the detective gifts of the fans, some clues were discovered that link the game to Silent Hill.

The first is in the name of the director, Hasan Kahraman. His initials are the same as Hideo Kojima, who was part of the development of the canceled Silent Hill, the famous P. T demo. Add to this the fact that if we translate Hideo from Japanese into Turkish, the result is Kahraman.

The information about the trajectory of this developer is practically nil since it does not have a LinkedIn profile like any other. On the other hand, the design of the Blue Box Game Studios logo is very similar to that of PlayStation Studios.

Logos de PlayStation Studios y Blue Box Game Studios. Foto: Hipertextual
PlayStation Plus and Blue Box Game Studios

Another reference to the relationship between Abandoned and Silent Hill is found on the YouTube channel of Blue Box Game Studios, as we see an image with hills in the middle, reminiscent of Konami'swork.

Imagen de cabecera del canal de YouTube de Blue Box Game Studios. Foto: YouTube
Blue Box Game Studios

Other tracks also appeared on Twitter and from the same studio in question. During the E3 2021 event, the Twitter account of Blue Box Game Studios posted this message where it hints that Abandoned was Silent Hill.

Creadores de Abandoned hacen referencia a Silent Hill. Foto captura: Twitter
Blue Box Game Studios

Unsurprisingly, gamers did not hesitate to share on social media that the game was a Silent Hill for PS5. There was so much emotion from users that those of Blue Box had to clarify that they had no relationship whatsoever with Hideo Kojima or Konami. They even offered apologies for "making fun" of the classic game.

Creadores de Abandoned aseguran no tener una relación con Konami ni Hideo Kojima. Foto captura: Twitter
Blue Box Game Studios

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