Apple's facetime is coming soon to android and windows via the web


As we have said on many occasions, video calls have been the main protagonists of this pandemic still in the making. And with video calls, we've seen services like Zoom or Google Meet, among many others, advance.

But today, through the inaugural keynote of Apple's annual developer event, the company has showcased its advancements on Facetime to become yet another competitor in this segment.

Facebook, Apple's video calling app, will reach more people with its arrival on the web

For those who do not know, Facetime is the video calling service used by iOS devices, being quite popular in the United States.

The announcement marks a before and after as it will become a service that will reach more people thanks to its arrival on the web.

While there has been no talk of a release date, it is thought that the new features presented today will arrive with the release of iOS 15 early next fall.

With the arrival on the web, Windows and Android users will also be able to access the service, but only as guests to the sessions created.

To enable this situation, Facetime will also offer invitation links to the scheduled sessions, facilitating their dissemination by any means to those users on whom you want to join them.

The idea is that Facetime users can get in touch with those who use other systems that don't belong to Apple.

FaceTime is coming to PC and Android via a web app |

Seen another way, Windows and Android users will not be able to create their own sessions.

Apple has also announced that Facetime will also bring a feature based on machine learning technology for noise cancellation, allowing to differentiate voices from other elements in real-time, and best of all, under local processing.

Facetime will also have grid view mode and portrait mode for background blur, although a also striking aspect is the arrival of SharePlay, to share the same content between several people, supporting some of the best-known streaming platforms of the moment,such as Hulu (United States), Disney +, PlutoTV and more, including Apple TV, as it could not be otherwise.

Without a doubt they are more than interesting novelties, and more if we take into account the few efforts received in Facetime by Apple compared to other services, and now Facetime begins to enter the league in which services such as Zoom, Skype, and others compete.

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